Eddie current

Hello, does anybody in the pacific northwest own either a glenn otl, dna,eddie current zds and/or raal headphones?

Id be interested in meeting up and can bring some really cool stuff to let you try out too!

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I’m in the PNW, I have a DNA stratus, but i won’t be meeting anyone until after the pandemic is done.


Awesome, we can talk once we get back to normal after a vaccine hits the street! Thanks


Have you compared your stratus to any ampsandsound amps by chance? Im thinking about getting a starlett. Donald is not taking any orders right now for the stellaris due to a upgraded version coming soon

I had a pendant, which I bought while waiting for the DNA, I recently sold it.
The pendant is a good amp, sounds really good, I just find the DNA to be more to my preference.
My pendant also suffered from a slight hum, that I couldn’t find a way to address, it was entirely environmental, but seems to be a common complaint.

There is an immediacy/presence to the Stratus, the pendant doesn’t have, Donald North says this is a function of the 2A3’s in the Stratus and other Directly heated triodes. I found after getting the Stratus, I rarely had the inclination to turn the pendant on, which is why I sold it.
The only thing the pendant really had over the Stratus was It being bit quicker especially on the high output.

I originally was going to pick up a starlet, but in the end I figured if I’m going to wait 5 months for an amp, I may as well buy the one I want.

I use a Lampizator Amber 3 DAC with the DNA.


I just talked to Donald and i think i am going to get a starlett and see if that is good enough. All i need to do is deposit 500 down and pay the rest over time. I look at it this way, if i love the house sound of the dna entry level i will sell it and move up to the stratus. The resell value is amazing on the dna’s so i dont feel bad starting at the bottom and choosing to upgrade later.

The stratus is getting an upgraded version and went from 3k to 4/4.5k. Twice as much for 10% in added sonics.

It will be fun down the road to meet up and compare starlett/stratus & amber/atlantic se+

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My 84se is basically a non-rectified pendant. I love it so you really piqued my interest in the dna line. I dont have any hum problems with the 84se. Did you try a power conditioner with it? One that doesn’t limit the dynamics?

I’m wondering how much is also attributable to the use of pentodes as power tubes in the Pendant. A Pendant vs Starlett comparison would better illustrate pentode vs triode differences, where both amps are transformer coupled using non-directly heated tubes.

Did you use 12AX7, AT7, or AU7 input tubes with the Pendant?

This is the first I’ve seen mention of the new price out in the wild. I understand that the upgraded version will have transformers made by Audio Note, which makes the transformers in the Stellaris. It will be interesting to see how the transition goes, especially for those that have already ordered the Stratus and are expecting to receive the non-upgraded version.

12au7’s for the most part, though I tried 12at7’s and 12ax7’s I had on hand, the pendant has way too much gain for any of my headphones, I ended up with a Mullard 12au7, and Tungsram EL84’s, I don’t remember what rectifier I ended up with none of them made a significant difference to my ear.

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The new stratus will be 1/1.5k more than the old one. I asked if i could get an old 3k one and he doesn’t have enough parts for it and said the only one available for preorder is the more expensive stratus with new upgrades.

Personally 3k sounded in my wheelhouse whereas 4-4.5k did not.

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Thanks for the info. I would have thought 12AU7 given the high power output of the Pendant. I was chatting with someone else earlier and he also said Mullard 12AU7s were a favorite with the Pendant (CV4003 to be specific).

If I were to try to order now, I probably would have opted for the pre-upgrade $3k Stratus. Making the jump from $2k Starlett to $4500 Stratus is a taller proposition. I’m in communications with Donald to demo the upgraded Stratus when a demo prototype unit is ready.

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Any details on what the upgrades are?

Upgraded Audio Note transformers that will remain concealed in the chassis. As you know, the Stellaris transformers are made by Audio Note and sit on the top of the amp alongside the tubes (otherwise known as a deal breaker for certain eyes including @Torq’s). I believe the Stellaris transformers will remain a tier in quality above, but both will be made by Audio Note. My understanding is that this is a recent development and the last time I saw Donald (to return the Starlett) he was working out details and the demo prototype unit was not yet ready. I’m supposed to demo the upgraded Stratus prototype when it’s ready, but I’m not sure if I have $4500 lying around. $3k is easier to stomach.

Edit: all transformer references are to output transformers.

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Interesting. Iron is expensive. Big iron is more expensiverer. Will be fun to hear!

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Certainly! Lol. The value propositions of the Starlett and pre-upgrade Status will be emphasized even more once the upgraded more expensiverer version is rolled out. Not inexpensive by any means, but when compared to what you need to pay to get to the next tier.

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I wish he was still making the pre upgraded stratus as id buy that one in a minute for 3k. Now that it is 4 to 4.5k the starlett looks more tempting

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Starlett got an upgrade and is now $3.5k

You just missed that one too.

Just kidding :joy:


If that wasnt said right after the username @ProfFalkin i might of thought it was true for a split second :joy:

The starlett with audio note transformers :thinking:
…me a likey.