EQ is simply the BEST way to improve ANY audio setup

There's a common idea that there are all kinds of THINGS you can buy to get the most out of your headphone or audio setup. But we don't talk enough about the fact that you can get FAR better sound quality from even a modest setup without spending a dollar on supplementary gear. In this video... I'm going to rant at you about that.

Overall, EQ is mostly about A) fixing major issues, and B) wide adjustments for preferences, like adding a bass shelf for example. For the rest of it, I’m fine with that just being ‘headphone character’ (within reason of course haha). To read more of my thoughts on EQ (and the headphones that don't need it at all) check out the FAQ in my Wall of Fame.

EQ Basics - How to get started with EQ

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Nice video!

@Resolve you should do a review of Audeze LCD i3 and i4, without and with EQ. I find they are the BEST examples of EQ turning badly tuned headphones into wonderful ones.

Slightly off-topic, like the LCD-X 2021, I wonder if Audeze will revise i3 and i4 with better tuning…


Yes and no

For a headphone setup, sure. At least for me and in my experience but not for speaker systems. Then aucoustic treatment of yoor room is number one. EQ can never reduce reflections that mask details in your system. Fixa bass nodes in one specific point in the room but not even out them for a larger part of the room.


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