Experience with Shanling M6Ultra?

Greetings fellow listeners,
Anyone here have any experience with the Shanling M6 Ultra DAP?
I like warm with as much detail is possible. I am not so much into dry analytical without musicality. I know these terms may not mean the same thing to all people, but my intention is to give a sense of what I am looking for. This is to balance a set of DD IEMs that have an excellent bass and are also excellent in most aspects of detail retrieval and presentation but are too “dry” and to my ear and heart lack in the emotive power of sheer musicality. (I deliberately omit which the IEMs are as I am as sking about DAPs in the 1K$ and below range.) I welcome your advice,

Leon, chrisnyc speaks true… I am a happy owner of an Arya Stealth, and find it superior to many other headphones I’ve owned/listened to. And it is leagues ahead of the others in comfort. I do not think you would be disappointed with either of the HiFiMan models. FWIW, I’ve owned both Ananda (4+ years) and Arya (half year), and have had zero QC issues with either.