F.S. - Hifiman Edition X v2 (like-new condition)


I purchased these very gently used Hifiman headphones 15 months ago, and since then used them no more than 10 hrs total (I have a number of headphones).

These headphones are in like-new condition. Everything works perfectly & there’s no apparent wear on the earpads. The sound is excellent and exactly as described in reviews. The original Hifiman box + all original accessories will be shipped with this headphone.

Note: I never used either of the 2 stock cables that came with this headphone. I purchased 2 X 2.5mm-male to mini-XLR-male adapters (high quality silver cable) from Norne Audio. These adapters, which cost $125, allowed me to use my high-quality Audeze/ZMF aftermarket cables on the HEX v2.

  • For any potential buyer who owns Audeze, ZMF, or other headphones that use mini-XLR connectors, these Norne adapters are a godsend

Price for the headphones is $775. That includes shipping & Paypal fees in CONUS only.

Price for the Norne adapters is $75 for any buyer who buys them as a package with these headphones.

Please, no trades or lowballs.

You can view pictures here:

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FYI, this headphone & cables have been sold. Thanks to all who looked in on this listing!