Fazor vs Non-Fazor

  • The Fazors are great!
  • Get those Fazors away from my headphones!
  • Never noticed the difference.

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Audeze caused quite the stir when they introduced the Fazors to their headphones.

Even now the community is still pretty split on whether they prefer the fazors or not.

What are your opinions on them?

I can’t imagine wanting more warmth out of my LCD2f, so I’m on the side of fazors. They’re incredibly pleasant to listen to without losing any detail.


On the original LCD-2 (technically the LCD-2.2 circa 2012) vs. the later “fazored” versions, I had a distinct preference for the non-fazor version.

Pre/post fazor LCD-3 were somewhat less polarizing for me, and I could listen to either. Though it’s not clear to me that this is quite as simple a comparison as I believe there were changes to the trace pattern on the diaphragm that came about at the same time.

Would be interesting to hear an LCD-4 without the fazors, but not interesting enough to actually try and make that happen! Though they do benefit enormously from either “Roon’s” LCD-4 DSP preset or Audeze’s “Reveal” plug-in:

That plug-in took the LCD-4 from something I used with very specific niches of music to getting a lot more head-time.


Audeze’s plugins / apps tend to be pretty good for their headphones. Their iSine EQ was great!

The MX4 I believe is non-fazored so it is a bit like a non-fazored LCD-4. Of course the drivers are a little different along with their impedance rating so its not quite a direct comparison.

I didn’t get the chance to try out the two different LCD-2s but I am pretty much in the same boat with the LCD-3s. I liked both.

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Never had the pleasure of hearing the non-fazored ones, but I do own an early 2016 fazored lcd-2 and while I think they sound great, they could do with a little bit more oomph in the low-end, even compared to my hd650.

Last year I bought Sonarworks Tru-fi calibration software, and for me personally, this solved all the issues I had with my lcd-2 and I’m a more happy listener :wink:

I would like to try the lcd-2 classic (or an old lcd-2), just to hear what the fuzz is all about. :slight_smile:


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I like the Reveal plugin. Using it with Jriver and my lcd-2. Just subtle changes, but generally more pleasing to listen to.



I only listened to the LCD-3 Fazor but I liked the result a lot …

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