Focal Arche - DAC/Amp - Official Thread


Are you feeding music to your arche with a computer and which software you are using to play?


Using a Lenovo laptop with Amazon HD and Hi-Res music purchased from fed through a thumb drive.

Does anyone know how I can use my chromebook as music server with resolution greater than 44 khz? It works but thats the highest res it plays. If I have to update the Arche firmware then I wont bother and just use the laptop. The chromebook is just sitting around and wanted to put it to good use.

Maybe the AKM factory burning was the last blow for them…

Now, I do hope they will still try to fix that stupid USB issue! I experienced it for the first time yesterday, and it is indeed not fun!


Still available at Crutchfield, but I too wonder if Focal will release a firmware fix for the USB connection issues.

I know there’s been speculation but has anyone tried listening to Susvara through the Arche?

Ultimately I will get the Raal HSA-1b to drive a Susvara and SR1a but I was planning to use the Arche in the meantime.

Not only USB connection fixes but settings for new Focal headphone models is now in question.

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Probably why it’s been discontinued. The trouble they have had with the only firmware update so far and all the new headphones having to update those also. Kind of pisses me off. Feel like focal gave up on this one. :flushed:

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Kind of pisses me off too. I was already considering an Arche but would not have bought it by now except that I wanted to take advantage of the 2020 voucher. I thought Focal was doing me a solid for brand loyalty but instead maybe they were just clearing inventory of a product they planned to disown. :confused:


Hello! I recently purchased the Arche and Clears. I cannot get the current firmware and updates installed, either. I contacted Focal Support and they said, “don’t worry about the firmware, drivers, update because it is really only for new headphones that come out.” Then, Support was able to get my Arche to work with my Clears. The Arche is connected coax to my Bluesound Node2i and then Toslink to my TV. The TV is connected to my 5.1 Surround Speakers. Support somehow was able to get my Arche and Clears to produce sound with only 48khz. Since that eventful moment a week ago, I had to disconnect everything in order to reconnect on a new media stand delivery I received, today. Now I have no sound with my Arche and Clears (same connection as before)! Can someone please Help?!? Thanks

Bought an Arche / Stellia combo recently. I am haven’t trouble with static shocks that disables the Arche, usually when touching cable or phones. I need to power-off and power back on to be operational again. It happens a lot! Other than eliminating my static sources (likely rubber Crocs slippers) what are options? Has this happened to others? Is it a possibly a defect somewhere along that chain? Assistance appreciated

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