Focal Pad Rolling - Experiments & Measurements


I’ve found the same to be true. When using the measurements to EQ, I’ll follow the compensation pretty closely up until around 2 K. From there, I just use the measurements more as a rough guide and rely more on my hearing. In particular I find that there’s always a weird feature right at 4 KHz so I just ignore it. If the headphones under test (HUT?) actually have a real problem at 4 KHz, the E.A.R.S. isn’t going to be of help.


Still would be nice to see if there’s a way to dampen that resonance at all, without affecting everything else.


Thanks for explaining this @Torq. This really helps put things into perspective. As I’m sure you’re aware that not all of us have or use measurement rigs. So a having a simple understanding of the basics really helps. Thanks.