For sale again!: ZMF Aeolus Stabilized

Just swapped these out with a pair of Auteurs at the office. They’re in great shape, and work perfectly.
They are one of the prettiest cans I’ve ever owned. I believe the pads are Suede Universe. Comes with Seahorse Case, balanced cable of unknown manufacture, and stock SE cable. I’ll swap out the SE cable for the equivalent 4 pin XLR balanced cable if you wish.



These are back on the market. I sold them and when the buyer received them, he had issues adjusting the rods. After some troubleshooting with ZMF, I ended up refunding his money and sending them to ZMF for repairs. They ended up replacing both uprights and gave the cans an end to end checkup.

So now they’re back and up for sale again, same price. $900 plus shipping.


These have sold again!