For Sale: Matrix Audio Element X

Price: 2500
Currency: USD
Ships to: Continental US

Up for sale is a Matrix Audio Element X in very good condition. I purchased this unit from an authorized dealer in September of last year and received it in October. I used it to drive my Focal Utopia headphones and as a preamp for my 2 channel power amp. This is a great all-in-one unit that really is a one box solution. Connecting a harddrive to the back and using the MA Remote makes accessing your library a breeze.

The only reason I’m selling is that I’ve had to make some cutbacks due to COVID. I had to relocate a few months ago to keep my job and I could use the extra money for upcoming expenses. The Element X has been packed up and unused since May when I relocated (aside from seeing it up to take a few pictures).

Included are all original accessories (remote, power cable, USB cable, and wifi antennas), manual, and all original packaging.

I am asking $2500 plus insured shipping within the continental US.


We’ll try a price drop.

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Off topic. What cable is that on the Utopia?

It’s a custom cable I put together when I picked up the Utopia. I believe the wire and splitter are from Double Helix with Eidolic XLR connector and LEMO connectors I picked up off of Ebay.

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Hello. Is it still for sale?


Sorry, I forgot to mark this as sold.