Frequent ear infections?

Anyone have frequent ear infections. As frequent as every 3-4 months? I try to keep my ears dry and a clean but infections keep returning and yes I am working with my GP and Ear Specialist. It happens more frequently in warmer months (March-November in Texas). I used to think it was my Bose QC35 headset (which I use for meetings) but started happening with other headphones as well (although less frequently 2-3 times last year). I’m going to be trying out an open back headphone to see if that will help.

My last change was using a swimmers ear mixture (a mix of vinegar and rubbing alcohol) to help with water/sweat/humidity. I’m pretty active all year so managing humidity and headphones has been a challenge.


I might suggest cleaning your earpads/IEMs before installing.

External or internal infection?

External perhaps from contaminated surfaces, etc. Inner ear is more likely an oral source.


Given the frequency of infections reported it’s better IMO to get a deeper investigation with your specialist and avoid IEM until you don’t get the reason of your infections. Closed back headphones should be avoided too. Recurrence of an infection is based frequently on a chronicle inflammatory status so better everything can damage your ears.
Keep ears as clean as possible and avoid every kind of closure on your ears channels as it will increase inflammatory status and eventuality of infection.
Avoid home made remedies and ask your specialist for eventual topical products to be used.
Be very careful as persistent inflammatory state can cause permanent damages to your ears.

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You might want to consult with your dentist as well.


Is it maybe this that’s making it worse? It’s clearing all the ear wax and ear wax is meant to be the lubricant to protect the skin (with antibacterial properties).

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I have had these all my life. Headphones have not seemed to effect the frequency or severity.

The thing that helped me most is diet. For me, it seemed specifically related to carbs. Eating low carb meant fewer to no ear infections.

Don’t ask me why. I don’t understand it.

My favorite headphones are IEMs. This has created some new problems, but not infections (so far).

My ears are fairly sensitive and get irritated pretty quickly with uncomfortable IEM tips. Sometimes I need a break. I am exploring over ears for that reason currently. I have not had any problems with any over ear headphone.

Just go to a doctor and let a professional diagnose your problem. Its safer.