FS: Ampsandsound Bigger Ben

I received this amp new from A&S just under a year ago. Its a great amp and hard to let go of, but I’d like to try some other gear, so I thought Id see if there was any interest.

The amp is in perfect condition with the exception of one small chip in one of the power tube sockets. Its shown in the pics, very minor and no impact to the performance of the amp.

Comes with the original complement of tubes, plus a tung sol and a Psvane input tube, a matched set of Tung sol 6L6GC STRs and a very nice Mullard 5ar4 rectifier. Please note that one of the 6L6’s is missing the keyway on the bottom of the tube. I received it like this, but the vendor was unresponsive to my request for a replacement. It works perfectly fine, but you need to pay attention when you’re inserting it to make sure its installed properly. Make sure its position matches the other power tube exactly.
None of these tubes have many hours on them.


Also comes with right angle adapters for both power cable and input cables

Asking $3500 including shipping CONUS plus PayPal fees.
Ships in original seahorse case, boxed for extra protection.
Also willing to meet anywhere in CT, RI, or Southern Massachusetts to avoid shipping costs.
I’ll throw in the daily driver tubes that I use for an additional $500 if interested, but only with the amp.


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Memorial Day Weekend Sale! Price drop to $3500 plus shipping and fees

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Willing to include shipping in full purchase price. Price may have som wiggle room depending on shipping costs. Buyer still responsible for PayPal

This amp has been sold!