FS ampsandsound kenzie og with lots of extra tubes

$1,400 with all the extra tubes

This kenzie comes with a lot of extra tubes.
7 pairs of 1626
An adapter for 12b4a
7 12b4a tubes

Comes in the original box


This is a great amp and fairly priced. I wish you well with the sale.


I don’t know what you bought it for, but the original MSRP was $1500. Willing to pay $1000.

I don’t know where you got the MSRP from, it’s currently at $1900 ; https://ampsandsound.com/products/kenzie-headphone-amp

Plus @Earmuffs is added additional tubes. Seems like a very fair deal.

Edit; Very Generous deal


Thanks @Roark

Yes,It retails for 1,900 the amp alone and this comes with nearly a lifetime of tubes and they are all NOS tubes that were still in their boxes(however the boxes are not perfect, they are just generic white ww2 era boxes with info printed on side.)

Also an adapter and a bunch more tubes to compliment the stock tubes.

I am selling a few things and the first thing that sells I will take the other stuff down as I am only selling due to pay bills. Let me know if interested soon. Fyi, I’m getting a lot of messages for this one on another site so please reach out soon if very serious.


If I wasn’t waiting for my DNA Stratus I would have made a quick grab of this by now.
The next owner will be very satisfied.


Kenzie OG is $1900 from Ampsandsound

$1400 is a fair price.

I have two of these amps (one is the upgraded Encore version). They are excellent sounding amps and are extremely well made. The extra tubes are a big side benefit included in the asking price. @Earmuffs


Still available. Open to offers

Hi @Earmuffs is this still available?

No, this sold awhile back