FS Audeze LCD-GX Gaming headphones

Took these in a trade, was honestly impressed with the sound quality. Just not gaming enough these days to justify holding onto them. (Don’t need them for Tears of the Kingdom). They are in like new condition, I only took them out of the case to verify they worked. Used them for about an hour.
Comes with the cans, mic with cable, 2nd cable with 1/4 inch SE termination, and case.

These have been sold

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Price drop to $600. Also open to reasonable offers/trades of equivalent value.

I’m going to guess that this isn’t you and someone is stealing your post for a scam or something. If it is legit for $385 free shipping, I’ll take em :smile:

Yeah that’s why I don’t spend much time on Mercari anymore. Definitely not me

Price drop to 550 shipped PayPal fees extra