FS: Campfire Audio Solaris OG

Price: 750
Currency: USD
Ships to: North America

Hey folks,

Also posting up interest for my much more well-loved Solaris OGs. These need no introduction to our community, and I’m only selling because I finally found an IEM that fits my taste in the best of all worlds with the Unique Melody MEST. I am the second owner and originally got them from a nice fellow on AVExchange who purchased them directly from Campfire.

These units are priced a little lower than usual because of the paint starting to flake on the shell. Accessories included are original packaging, thicc brown carrying case, and an unused assortment of tips that you can choose based on your size. Like my Andromeda Gold, the stock cable included is a Dunu DW02 with a 2.5mm connection.

See photos with a timestamp here: https://imgur.com/a/QmIzxqD

Please PM if you’d like to grab them!