FS: Chord Hugo M Scaler

Amazing M Scaler with original box and all accessories. It is in great condition. There are a couple of minor superficial scratches by the glass that I have captured in the attached pic. Of course, they have no impact on functionality.

Price: $3550 + PayPal fee + Shipping
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

The M Scaler was used with my Qutest. In my experience, it expanded the soundstage width, added a bit more depth and, although subtle at first, added more resolution. YMMV but its absence was immediately noticeable as soon as I removed it from my chain. I’m selling it (and sold the Qutest) to fund my TT2 purchase. I will eventually buy it again to further enhance my TT2 experience.


Groan. Please. Someone buy this.


I think that someone is you :wink:


Just out of curiosity…can this be used with non-Chord setups?

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20 characters is a lot


@mfadio I bet your TT2 would sound even more spectacular with this.


That’s just mean.

I’ll remember this. And when you least expect it…… bang! A vicious attack!

Since you’re a bears fan, I’d expect it this fall.


I soooo want to chime in here. Both to pile on peer pressure (OK, I’m biased on this one as a seller) and b/c I’m also a bears fan.


(Sorry we messed up your for sale thread. I suppose our hijinks kept it at the top of the list though!)

Nothing to be sorry about. I’m genuinely enjoying the banter.
And, yes, there is the added benefit on the list.

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Terrific Price. Unfortunately I can’t buy this right now. Bad timing, however I’m curious as to why you won’t just sell the Qutest? Personally if it were me, especially since you’re getting the TT2, I’d keep the M-Scaler. That combination is pretty much unbeatable. Only DAVE/M SCALER would be slightly more prolific.
I have the Qutest and I totally believe you on the subtle upgrades in SQ from the M-Scaler, but the amount of money the M scaler is for those subtle improvements doesn’t quite scale well. :wink:
Anyhow. Keep the m scaler. Sell the Qutest and save money for a couple of months to fund your TT2.


Yes, but keep in mind that you won’t get the “full” benefit with other DACs. It requires dual BNC to get to 705.6/768 kHz, and that is only possible w/ Chord DACs. Still, it does perform well with other DACs, but you max out at 352.8/384 kHz.This YouTube video has a nice sampling of pairings.


I sold the Qutest. And, with the sale of the M Scaler I get the TT2 without any out of pocket cost. That is the thinking anyway.


Still available? (Not sure I wanna buy right now but following with interest!)

Hey - Sorry about the delay (long weekend family fun). Yes, it’s still available.

Thanks – I’ll reach out if I end up being interested.