FS: Dan Clark/Drop Ether CX headphones w/ Arachne Audio 4-pin XLR cable

Price: Sold. No longer available.
Payment Method: PayPal Goods & Services. Fee included in price.
Currency: USD
Ships to: United States


I have a set of Dan Clark Audio Ether CX headphones with a custom Arachne Audio cable for sale, both purchased in 2022. Documentation is available on request to confirm purchase dates. I am the only owner and they are in good condition with no problems. The Arachne Audio cable has a minor flaw that does not affect performance on the black (left) connector that I noticed a couple weeks after getting it (to my knowledge, it came like this). This is not part of the headphone unit or its connectors. The custom cable is a $145.88 value.

I am pricing these to sell, since I am hoping to build a new PC in 2023. Everything that comes with the headphones when purchasing new from Drop, including original packaging, tuning pads (2-notch white felt currently installed), 4-pin XLR to ¼” and 3.5mm adapter, and the original cable, are included. (Note: the headband reads “Drop + Dan Clark Audio”, not the old “Mr. Speakers” as they used to, since these are the newer version purchased in 2022.)

These are the most expensive headphones and the most expensive cable I own, and they have been treated with great care as such. No smoking.

Please understand I may be unable to respond on weekends. I will ensure your purchase is shipped safely in a prompt and reasonable time frame, and provide a tracking number.

Thank you!


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PRICE DROP 1/7/23: $400 shipped

pm sent.

Sold. Item is no longer available.

AudioEnthusiast sold these headphones to me and the entire buying process was fantastic! Communication, packing, shipping, tracking was top notch!
Thank you AudioEnthusiast!


Let me know how you enjoy them. And yeah @Audiophool and @AudioEnthusiast are good guys. Others like @andris are terrific to buy from as well.
I really like this community.