FS: ESX900 (Modded TH900) + 5U4G EML Mesh

Price: $1000
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS

Selling my ESX900. They are a mod done by E_Schaaf over at SBAF and this is the bass cannon headphone. Comes with everything the TH900 comes with. I am open to negotiation on this. IF you really wanted to, you could revert all changes to a stock TH900.

Selling my EML Mesh 5U4G. Great tube for any DNA owner with the Stellaris or Stratus. Upgraded to the Elrog 5U4G for too much money but I like it more. Selling the EML Mesh for $250. This tube is essentially brand new, only has about 20 hours put on by me.


I wish Elrog made a 2a3 tube. Seems they don’t make a lot of tubes but the ones they do make I’ve heard great things about. Congrats on the rectifier upgrade!

OMG at the Elrog prices!! But way to go!

Is this still available?