FS: ESX900 (Modded TH900) + 5U4G EML Mesh

Price: $1000
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS

Selling my ESX900. They are a mod done by E_Schaaf over at SBAF and this is the bass cannon headphone. Comes with everything the TH900 comes with. I am open to negotiation on this. IF you really wanted to, you could revert all changes to a stock TH900.

Selling my EML Mesh 5U4G. Great tube for any DNA owner with the Stellaris or Stratus. Upgraded to the Elrog 5U4G for too much money but I like it more. Selling the EML Mesh for $250. This tube is essentially brand new, only has about 20 hours put on by me.


I wish Elrog made a 2a3 tube. Seems they don’t make a lot of tubes but the ones they do make I’ve heard great things about. Congrats on the rectifier upgrade!

OMG at the Elrog prices!! But way to go!