FS: Focal Arche (Stellia sold)

Price: 1200
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA (48)

First sale on headphones.com! I’ve made (too) many trades on other well known forums and site: head-fi, SBAF, AudioGon, USAM (same username).

Up for sale is my Focal Arche headphone amp.

Both unit were purchased separately and form a great duo!

Focal Stellia - SOLD
They are in great condition, with no headband discoloration (I made sure to wash my hair every time before using them). The only imperfection is a tiny scratch on the left cup (see picture) but you’d be sure to miss it if you didn’t look for it.

Comes with the original package and all accessories. I used an aftermarket cable with these, so both original cables have very little use (if that matters).

I’ll also throw in a pair of Dekoni Stellia pads, which I tried and didn’t like, so they’ve been sitting in their box for a while.

Note: Norne cable NOT included :stuck_out_tongue:

Focal Arche
This is a great DAC/amp and pairs particularly well with Focal headphones (it was designed for them).

I was using it mainly as my bedside setup, paired with the Stellia.

Note: it’s hair on the pictures, not scratches :slight_smile:


Stellia sold.

Focal Arche headphone amp still available for $1200 net to me.