FS: Focal Elegia + Topping DX3 Pro - $500

Elegia - Sold
DX3 Pro - $200

Currency: USD

Ships to: CONUS (Or Local Pickup in Michigan near Metro Detroit Area)

So I’m selling what is arguably my favorite headphone I have ever owned and a great DAC/AMP to power them.
I really like the Elegia. They’re an excellent headphone and the most technically impressive one I’ve ever owned. However, I think it’s time to move on and see what else there is out there.

I got them on an Adorama sale about a year ago and they have single handedly ruined every other mid-fi contender I’ve ever listened to. It’s gotten very difficult to get excited about new gear because I haven’t found, and don’t expect to find anything under $1k that can compete.

So I find myself with a very nice problem to have. These are basically end-game material for me. I could have these, the 6xx and the dusk and be completely happy. OR — I could continue down the audio gear rabbit hole to get new and interesting experiences from more serious gear.

What I find fun is trying new stuff out, and I’ve grown complacent with the Elegia, which isn’t what I ultimately want to do.

I’m looking for someone who will give them a good home, love and appreciate them.

DX3 Pro comes with everthing, including remote and box.

Elegia comes with everything except the original cable, which I replaced with a new-fantasia one. Don’t worry, you’re not missing much.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and ask.
I believe I wrote up a review detailing my experiences with this headphone a while back, so do check that out too.



Focal sold.

Topping is still up for grabs!