[FS] Grado GS1000e and Kennerton Magni

Price: GS1000e - $650 / Kennerton Magni - $575
Currency: USD
Ships to: US


Selling my Grado GS1000e. I am the second owner I believe and I only used it for a few hours. Just was not my cup of tea. It will come with the original cables and box. Also including an extra pair of G cushions although one of them is a bit worn.

Selling my Kennerton Magni. I believe they are considered v2. Comes with the original box and accessories. The only condition issue I would note is a small nick on the wood on the right driver as shown in the picture.

Prices include shipping and fees.

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Not sure how to edit this post, so just an update -

Kennerton Magni - Price reduced to $525

Gado GS1000e have been sold.

Thank you,