FS: Grado SR325 upgraded comfy pads

$125 (these sell used online for about $225)

Thought I’d hook someone up a good price.
No original packaging. This has been upgraded with more comfy pads as I like these more than the stock ones.


Down to $125 for this

Nothing puts the crimp in a headphone listenng session as quickly as a worn-out ear pad. Bring back the comfort with a pair of Grado Replacement Ear Pads.

I’m not a fan of stock Grado earpads. I prefer the ones on this way better than the stock pads that Grado uses.

Also given that these headphones sell for twice the price used I’d say a worn in ear pad is the least of a buyers worries given how cheap I’m selling them. If no one buys these at $100+ I’ll keep them for my electric drumset as they are comfy and light with exceptional sound for the money.