FS: Headphone - GoldPlanar GL2000 Double Magnet Version

Price: 589
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

Slightly used and auditioned against my HIFIMAN Ananda for 3 weeks, estimated 40 hours of playtime through the headphones

They’re still in perfect condition, all accessories included (case, both pads (came w/ optional d-shape hybrid), and the included cable)

Why am I selling them?

  • Noticeably heavier compared to my Anandas (heavily impacts my decision here)
  • When I EQ bass they fall short in the sub bass region (overall they’re great though, this is just a persona preference)
  • Otherwise they’re superb in most categories, a great headphone, just not quite aligning with what I was hoping for.


small bump, anyone interested? send me an offer

Great headphones free bump

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bump … make me an offer within reason