FS: Hiby R5 DAP, Pete Millet Starving Student Tube Hybrid Amp

All prices in USD. Ships to North America. Prices include shipping to USA. Add $5 USD for CAD shipping. Contact about other countries.

  • Pete Millet Starving Student Hybrid Tube Amplifier (Beezar Audio version with custom knob) $150
  • Hiby R5 (Gray) + Blue Leather Case $275

These are now sold below:

  • Hifiman HE560 + Dekoni Pads + Bonus Cables SOLD
  • Beyerdynamic Xelento (EarphonesDIYLabs.com knockoff) $100 SOLD
  • iFi IEMatch 2.5mm + Random 2.5mm Cable(s) $40 SOLD
  • BNIB Massdrop 2.5mm male to 4-Pin XLR Balance Adapter + 2.5mm male to 6.35mm female adapter + Fiio 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter $30 SOLD
  • Schiit Magni 3 + Schiit Sys SOLD
  • Massdrop THX-AAA 789 SOLD

Hey Anthony

is this the V1 560?

Its the one with 2.5mm cable and wood veneer. It doesnt come with original cables, but Iā€™d include my own set of cables, balanced and 3.5/6.35mm and the yokes have been replaced with 3D Printed ones that wont break like the original ones do.

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sounds like a crazy good deal

Where did you source the 3D printed yokes. My original ones are fine but I might want spares on hand.

I got it from a headfi user in Netherlands. I think someone made one and posted it online too.

updated listing with current available stock and prices.

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