FS: RFT & RCA 6sn7, GEC 6j5

Price: SOLD
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

Selling 3 sets of matched pair tubes

  1. RCA 6SN7GT Grey Glass $65 shipped
    Bought in February this year, put maybe 30 hours on them since purchased with the following specs:
    Test readings of mutual-conductance are 97/91 and 106/102 out of 100/100 on a TV-2 C/U tube tester

  2. RFT 6SN7 1957 and are single foil getter with stapled plates and ceramic spacers. Made by RFT in the old Telefunken factory. Tested 100% when purchased initially, with about 100 hours on them. Sold as a pair initially, but listing didn’t specifically state they were matched.
    $275 shipped. Typically $500+ on ebay. Current listings of these same tubes 1958 & 1959 are $540 & $640 shipped from the same seller.

  3. 1 Matched Pair (2Pcs.) NOS 6J5G L63 GEC
    $225 shipped
    Made in England Black Coated Glass Black Base, Clear Glass New in Original GVT Box Tested Advance Digital Tube Tester Amplitrex AT1000 TUBE 1 TEST RESULTS - 2800(107.69%) TUBE 2 TEST RESULTS - 2800(107.69%)
    Maybe 100-200 hours on them since I purchased last year. These go for $334 new shipped as in link below, which is the same person I bought them from.
    These have been some of the best tubes in my Glenn OTL but I’d need another pair to use with my Envy so am letting them go.
    6J5G L63 GEC Black Coated Glass Made in England Amplitrex | Reverb

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