FS: Schiit Audio Bifrost 2 (silver)

**Update: SOLD
Price: $550 (previous $600)
Currency: USD
Ships to: US

In perfect working condition. I’m the second owner of this unit (purchased from a core team member a while back). Unit does come with the remote although i never had a use for it so it’s still in package as i received it.

Price includes shipping. Paypal invoice will be sent to the buyer.


Hi, I’m interested, but wary because it’s another sale within a short time.
Please descr. the condition further or explain why you’re selling. Thx.
fjm@taconic.net (912) 289-7921

Hi Frank, welcome to the forum. You might want to edit your post to keep (at least) your phone number private.


@Frank_J_Mendelson apologies for the delay and for not noticing this. Reason i’m selling this is to fund the purchase of another headphone. I also prefer the warmer sound coming from my R2R dac so this has been sitting around and not being used. As for referencing another sale, you must be referring to my sale of the Aeolus. Again, I’m just trying to sell some equipment to fund a TOTL headphone. fyi… i’ve been on this forum for quite some time and have had many purchases from other forum members without issue.

I noticed there was a black model sold recently for lower so i can come down to $550. Thanks for the interest.

This unit is still available at $550 shipped. If you’re located in the tri valley (CA), I’d be willing to meet for a local pickup as well for $25 off.

still available. Price is firm.

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Ship to IN? 20 characters

Hi Peter. Anywhere in the US is fine. Thanks for inquiring.