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Here are all the tubes I’ve purchased for the ECP T4 / ZMF Pendant, which I won’t be needing since those amps sold. I finally got around to posting this, sorry for the wait.

Each are matched pairs, and will not be sold individually. All were purchased NOS from Brent Jesse or Upscale Audio. (Except for Brimar yellow T which came from partsconnexion.com) All but the first pair have less than 250 hours of use, with that pair nearing an estimated 400 hours. All tubes are functional. They’re sold as is, with no warranty expressed or implied. All sales final. No returns. I make no claims on how they sound. If you need additional photos, please let me know.

A) Valvo (Amprex/Philips) 6201 (12AT7). $160.00

B) Radiotechnique (French Philips) 12AU7WA. $160

C) Mullard 6201 (12AT7). $100

D) Mullard CV4024 (12AT7). $90

E) Brimar CV4003 (12AU7). $145

F) Mullard CV4024 (12AT7). $90

G) Brimar 6060 (12AT7). Not authentic yellow labels $40

H) Amprex(?) EL84 (Hammond labeled). $160

I) Tungstram EL84. $120 SOLD


how are these not authentic yellow labels? Can you please elaborate?

The labels are not screen printed on, they are plastic stickers.

Confirmed not to be 40s and 50s era yellow-T s (which are highly sought after) by partsconnextion, who said they got duped to themselves and didn’t catch it.

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They are still Brimar tubes, afaik. They still sound good. I’m not going to make them out to be something they’re not, though.


For anybody interested, I have the same Brimar 6080’s and they are really nice and quiet. @bpcarb I think I was talking to you about these same ones


Nice collection. I have several 6201s. They were pulls from an HP computer. Most are measured strong. They are label branded HP.

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Tungstram EL84 sold. :beers:

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Bump. Still have some for sale. Thanks for looking.

Sale Pending. (I can’t edit original anymore? Hmm…)

Edit: Sold

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