FS: Woo Audio WA33 with extra tubes

Selling this lovely amp. It was built in August of 2022 and I am the second owner. It’s in like new condition and sounds incredible. Just getting a jump on paying off my Stellaris before it is completed.

Comes with the original tube package, no more than 20hrs on them and 3 pairs of WE-417a driver tubes with 4 socket adapters. I put one pair of tubes in sockets 1&4 counting from left to right and a second pair in sockets 2&3. Also included is an Elrog 274b rectifier with low hours.

This amp is dead silent with the stock tubes. The we’s have a bit of hum. Since it’s pretty consistent regardless of swapping pairs, my feeling is it’s the adapters since they’re the cheap Chinese ones. If this is going to be your endgame amp, I’d recommend buying a better grade of adapter.

Price is $6500 to me. Shipping cost and any fees are on the buyer. The tubes will ship in a separate box.


Bump, adding a Elrog 274b rectifier ($735 retail) with 50 hrs max on it to the package, same price


Added image of Elrog rectifier included with amp

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