Headphone amp for desktop use

Headphones I own
  • Koss PortaPro
  • AKG K-712 Pro
  • AudioTechnica ATH-AD500x
  • AudioTechnica M50x
  • Fostex T50RP MkIII
  • Panasonic RP-HD10

I have been using my ART HeadAmp4 and BasX A-100 and am now looking to replace the former as its high output impedance is hindering some of my headphones from performing their best.
The BasX is a lovely beast which works well with my T50RP’s and K-712’s, shows its Class A noise on the other headphones though.

All that in mind, I went looking for solid-state options in the 200 to 300€ range (I am in Germany, so Drop is not realy an option due to import tax).
Two that stuck out are the Aune X7s and LakePeople G103-S.

Leaves me with two questions:
  • Are there any other amps I overlooked?

  • Which of the two?
    I am currently leaning towards the G103 for the reason of it not having an external power brick.

Forgot to mention: Source is a Scarlett 2i4 2nd Gen, Maya 44eX and various other devices mixed together via my Mackie Mix12.

Use will be every day computer work, music from all genres, gaming and a movie every now and then.

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I haven’t heard one, but I tend to lean towards “pro” gear. Lake People make some well regarded amps so that would be my choice of the two.


I never heard the G103, but can highly recommend the somewhat more powerful (but similar form factor) Lake People G109, which can be gotten with either SE or balanced inputs (mine is SE). It was the first really good amp I got: I have 7 now and don’t use the G109 often (but it is excellent).

BTW, my #1 HP amp these days is the Violectric V281. If you wallet & desktop space allow, that one is king of the hill in my book. Amazing sound with equally amazing operational flexibility, especially the separate gain settings for headphone out vs preamp out (I use both and greatly appreciate this).


I have that on my wishlist. Before I can think about throwing money at that, I need to finish uni and get a job :slight_smile:


In due time, my friend.

You’ll get there. :+1:t4:

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Finish university & get a job–before getting a V281? Are you mad?

(heh, heh) Obviously a lot of things take precedence over audio self-satisfaction…


I am going to check them out. very nice amp.