Headphones.com X Ampsandsound FORGE Tube Amplifier - Official Thread

Most of you know that once the Forge was received, it’s sat on my desk for the last year or so. But that Forge unfortunately got banged up pretty hard by customs and wasn’t the best to show off in pictures. So I sent the unit off to Justin for repair and he worked some magic and a couple tweaks and ended up shipping up this beauty! This will never be leaving my desk again.

I did completely forget that the volume pot was removed from the Forge on this tweak and almost blew up my head when turning on Alexisonfire for the first time but that’s a lesson you only need to learn once before you never forget again!

So stoked on this unit and to have the Forge back on my desk. Looking forward to many years of blissful music sessions!


Welcome to the community :beers:

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Why did you remove the volume pot?

The Forge and RAD 0 is one of the best pairings on the market now!

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That’s actually good for me to hear. I’m using the 8/100 ohm version Forge, and am loving the 8 ohm tap for the Arya Stealth. I was worried I was missing out from the 300 ohm for my ZMF’s though. Hopefully I’ll never know!

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Thanks for sharing your experience @Eskamobob1 !

Thank you @Audiophool !

Thanks for sharing @PaisleyUnderground :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing your experience :slight_smile: I’ve had a similar experience when I had my Susvara before I decided to let it go.

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That’s what you think :wink: