Rogue Audio RH-5 - Tube Hybrid Headphone Amplifier - Official Thread

Hi All,

I am creating this thread for an amazing hybrid headphone amp, the Rogue Audio RH-5. The RH-5 is a tube hybrid, is fully balanced and uses a pair of 12AU7 tubes.


Let’s talk about this amazing amp.




I’ve owned a lot of Rogue gear but not the Headphone Amp. Can’t wait to read about this

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This amp is legit, and has been flying under the radar for to long. I have only had mine for 4 days, and will report back after I have had the weekend to really get to know this amp. I will say, with what I am hearing so far, this is TOTL sound no doubt. Last night was my first good listening session, and I have never shed so many tears listening to my favorite tracks. I am “there” with the musicians and it is breathtaking how lifelike and natural the sound is.


You using this with the Morpheus?

Yes sir, and the pairing sounds killer so far.


Nice! What are you running for tubes in it?

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I am running some super rare and amazing Raytheon (made by CBS) 7730 Long Plate D Getters, and I can’t imagine it sounding better. So far, I have rolled some Mazda 6189 Triple Mica Silver Plates as well, and prefer the 7730’s. The Mazda are killer and have amazing treble extension, but the 7730 are on another level and put you “there”. I have a really good collection of rare NOS 12au7’s and the 7730 Long Plate D Getter, is at the top of the food chain. The 7730 have this amazing ability to be warm/smooth and detailed/dynamic at the same time, with the most 3 d stage I have encountered so far, and they certainly make the RH-5 all that it can be.

My next tube roll is the famous Valvo Hamburg ECC82 Long Plate Foil D Getters 56’. This is a tube I usually love with my Aeolus and I am looking forward to hearing the pairing with the RH-5.


I’ve owned my RH-5 since Sep 2017, It’s my alternate amp for driving my Abyss Phi when I’m in the mood for
" toobes" (and rolling) instead of SS (Formula S / Powerman). It’s a quality build with all the features I want.

TUBE INVENTORY & TYPE: 12AU7 / CV4003 / ECC82 / M8136

2 EACH for RH-5 and use Matched Pairs

Tesla JJ 12AU7 (the stock tube for RH-5) and they are good.

2 Mullard M8136/CV4003

2 Amperex Medical 12AU7

2 x 2 pair Brimar CV4003

2 Radiotechnique 12AU7WAH

2 Gold Lion ECC82/B749

2 Cifte 12AU7

(Note: can also be use in Valhalla 2 with adapters )


Nice! I have several of the same tubes.

Here are some of mine, that I use in both Valhalla 2 and will be rolling in the RH-5.

Left to Right - Brimar CV4034 (CV4003 on steroids), Amperex Holland 7316 Long Plate Foil D Getter 58’, Raytheon 7730 Long Plate D-Getter, Valvo Hamburg ECC82 Long Plate Foil D Getter 56’

Mazda 12au7wa/6189 Triple Mica Silver Plate

Mazda 12au7 Grey Plate

Amperex Holland ECC82 Long Plate Foil D Getter 57’

Fun times ahead.


Today has been my first full day of listening to my new system and I am absolutely floored with what I am hearing. I honestly did not know headphones were capable of this kind of sound, and my Aeolus and Atticus both sound incredible. I have never heard such a huge and enveloping soundstage out of either headphone. The tonality and timbre are spot on, and there is a touch of finesse and ease to the sound, but the transients are still lightning fast, and the bass hits hard and is so detailed and textured it’s insane. The amp has some serious grip and control on the drivers and you can feel the power. With all of this and everything sounding so natural and lifelike it really is like being “there”. I just listened to the song, Rusted Root - Drum Trip, which is an amazing tribal drum solo/intro, to the band Rusted Root’s famous song Ecstasy. I closed my eyes as the song was playing and I was transported to the last time I saw them live. I was standing front row at that show in a small venue in Dallas,TX years back, and I really felt like I was there listening with my Aeolus and it was breathtaking. I literally started crying, as it overwhelmed me with how real it sounded. This amp is worth every penny and then some, and should be way more popular, and would be for sure if more people heard it. I absolutely love this amp, and I am happy to call the RH-5 my endgame hybrid.