HEDD Audio HEDDphone - Official Thread

I got my HEDDphone back from Germany … They made a lot of changes in the Headband and they changed the ear pads too though I didn’t have any issue with them (they are new and much more tight than before). My HEDDphone looks as if new … though it’s not.

I couldn’t test my Heddphone right now, but they made a perfect job in a short time. I’ve sent my Heddphone by UPS in a 6 days guarantee, they send me back with a 48h Guarantee… that’s nice too.
I like German services … Though with Sennheiser it took more than one month and a half to change a IE900 under guaranty which had a serious driver failure.

Good Job HEDD


Always interesting to hear perspectives! I love my HD800 for classical/orchestral music. I haven’t heard anything better. I really don’t hear the thinness or peaks that people seem to complain about. That being said, I do have a DNA stratus amp with a great collection of tubes and that is supposed to be a very friendly amp to the HD800. My only gripe with the HD800 was a very slightly lean tonality with more hard hitting music such as jazz rock/fusion. I then bought an Ether flow (open) hoping to have a better option with those genres, but overall I found it quite a boring headphone… competent but ultimately forgettable. I think the HEDD will be a great option and have one on order. It will be interesting to see how it compares with the HD800.


ooooffff just got a crown d 75 and it sounds awesomeeee, im driving some HEDDphones through it with a lynx aurora… was driving these with a topping a90 and geting about 7 watts per channel but they never sounded right… they really are power hogs!!!

Our latest video discussing the @heddaudio HEDDphone is live on TSAV’s YouTube Channel now!


In this video, I share my impressions on the HEDDphone from Heinz Electrodynamic Designs, otherwise known as HEDD.

This video will focus on the build quality, design, and subjective sound impressions about the HEDDphone. Subscribe today for more videos on other personal audio products I also compare them from a sound perspective to two similarly priced headphones the Sennheiser HD800s and the Focal Clear MG. We will also discuss some synergistic amp pairings for the HEDD such as the Chord TT2, Yulong DA1 with Power supply, @ampsandsound Agartha, and the McIntosh MHA200. We hope you enjoy it, and please share the video with friends.


i need info on budget amps to use on the heddphones for the mean time while i save for a better amp later .
looking at topping a30pro , whammy amplifier .
i wonder how well the whammy drive the heddphones ?

Hello to all. I’m just wondering is this common thing that HEDD earpads go so bad. I bought them used but as new condition

from headphones.com back in June of 2020. Thank you.

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Condolences. Sadly, in my experience that is routine wear for vegan leather / protein leather (e.g., made from egg whites). I had a few pieces of furniture do the same and now avoid this material.

The surface cracks away from the backing (in my experience) as a direct function of use and flexing. If not touched or moved it could last for many years. However, a year or two of heavy use is all that stuff can take. I now personally buy either animal skin leather or fleece/microfiber pads.


Where to find replacement?

I honestly thought it was a joke. Lol.

hi there . just getting an amp/dac and was looking at hugo 2. do they sound good with heddphone?? i saw some mix comments regards chord lineup and heddphone arent a good combo…
thanks i can get a hugo 1 year old for 1100… so looks like a deal if they work well together.

I don’t really do the “does X sound good” or “does X sound good with Y” thing anymore. At least not in any detail. I didn’t have any complaints with the Hugo 2 driving the HEDDphone, but that wasn’t usually how I used them.

In terms of how well they match, consider the following, in the context of your normal listening level:


Hey Alex,
It’s John in Durham! Did you find a portable/transportable solution for the Heddphone?

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Hey guys, I just bought a pair of Heddphones and unfortunately mine shipped with the hairline cracks on one side as per above user so will be returning them.

I’m a producer and normally use studio monitors with my RME Babyface Pro FS. For the Heddphones, I picked up a Lake People G109-P locally as an interim but am running it almost at full volume with 0db from the Babyface to get to a good monitoring level. I guess a higher end amp may be a worthy investment. Noting above comments ref SPL Phonitors, RME ADI Pro etc, how high end should I be looking for good performance? Would the Phonitor One/SE be good enough? What about the SPL Marc One (could replace my Babyface as an all-in-one audio interface/DAC/headphone amp)?


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Just got a pair of HEDD phones, I’m by no means an audiophile, I bought them as my current studio space (basement) has many sound issues, and was told that these are “like wearing a perfectly balanced studio on my head”, I was sold! I love them, but if i push the volume past a certain point, especially low bass i can hear crackling, is this normal? are they adjusting, or are they broken?

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I’d say that is an amplifier problem all the way. Try the heddphone on various amps to see if that may be your problem.


What sort of volume level* are we talking about here?

If it’s within the realms of safe listening, it’s not unheard of with the HEDDphone. My set, which was one of the first batch, had some occasional crackling with low, loud, bass notes on one channel (at an average listening level of 84 dB/SPL). This went away after just feeding the HEDDphone music, at my normal listening levels, for a bit (was a day, maybe two, as I recall … it’s called out somewhere in this thread).

It could be an issue with your set. It could just be the drivers needing to “break in”. It could be clipping from listening too loud with an inadequate amp. It could be over-driving the headphones.

*Note that “subjective” opinions of “not that loud” or “loud” aren’t useful (I have a friend that routinely listens at 95+ db/SPL and thinks that isn’t loud … shame he’s largely deaf now); and actual dB/SPL level is what’s needed. If in doubt, buy a basic SPL meter, or a suitable app for your phone, and get a ballpark MEASUREMENT.


Thanks for your feedback, so i’ve been listening between 84-90db, After about 10-12 hours of use, it’s much better now, as you said maybe they just need breaking in. I am using the P1 Douk Audio amp, with tones and tubes off, so i can get a realistic mix, its cheap one :wink: I tried looking for the ones you mentioned, Schiit Magni but they were out of stock.

I also tried the 1kz test, and i had no issues


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HEDDphone measurements done on the B&K 5128:



Looking like the variable folds shows up similarly to driver modes in some planars (the jaggies), pretty cool IMO. Also interesting to note, the HEDDphone’s FR is practically illegible on the GRAS in the treble as it omits a ton of information up there with this one for some reason. This is one case where the 5128 is more than just slightly better.


If that 6Khz valley was lifted a few dB from 78 to 81-82 I would be in heaven.
Still a great tonality in my opinion.

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I wouldn’t worry about it tbh. Deviations like that are bound to show up differently for different people (because headphones have unique interactions with different heads/pinnae). When you see stuff like this, it’s a likely indication of deep phase cancellation going on, but how wide it is, and importantly where it is, is bound to shift.

If anything, when doing your EQ, it’s best to focus instead on the stuff around 1khz, or maybe 350hz.

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