HEDD Audio HEDDphone - Official Thread

i need info on budget amps to use on the heddphones for the mean time while i save for a better amp later .
looking at topping a30pro , whammy amplifier .
i wonder how well the whammy drive the heddphones ?

Hello to all. I’m just wondering is this common thing that HEDD earpads go so bad. I bought them used but as new condition

from headphones.com back in June of 2020. Thank you.

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Condolences. Sadly, in my experience that is routine wear for vegan leather / protein leather (e.g., made from egg whites). I had a few pieces of furniture do the same and now avoid this material.

The surface cracks away from the backing (in my experience) as a direct function of use and flexing. If not touched or moved it could last for many years. However, a year or two of heavy use is all that stuff can take. I now personally buy either animal skin leather or fleece/microfiber pads.


Where to find replacement?

I honestly thought it was a joke. Lol.

hi there . just getting an amp/dac and was looking at hugo 2. do they sound good with heddphone?? i saw some mix comments regards chord lineup and heddphone arent a good combo…
thanks i can get a hugo 1 year old for 1100… so looks like a deal if they work well together.

I don’t really do the “does X sound good” or “does X sound good with Y” thing anymore. At least not in any detail. I didn’t have any complaints with the Hugo 2 driving the HEDDphone, but that wasn’t usually how I used them.

In terms of how well they match, consider the following, in the context of your normal listening level:


Hey Alex,
It’s John in Durham! Did you find a portable/transportable solution for the Heddphone?

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Hey guys, I just bought a pair of Heddphones and unfortunately mine shipped with the hairline cracks on one side as per above user so will be returning them.

I’m a producer and normally use studio monitors with my RME Babyface Pro FS. For the Heddphones, I picked up a Lake People G109-P locally as an interim but am running it almost at full volume with 0db from the Babyface to get to a good monitoring level. I guess a higher end amp may be a worthy investment. Noting above comments ref SPL Phonitors, RME ADI Pro etc, how high end should I be looking for good performance? Would the Phonitor One/SE be good enough? What about the SPL Marc One (could replace my Babyface as an all-in-one audio interface/DAC/headphone amp)?