HEDD Audio HEDDphone - Official Thread

Yeah, I used to be into all manner of sports and martial arts, broken my fair share of bone, torn muscles and tendons, pretty sure I have some concussions…

I would much rather be doing the sport than watching it, but I can appreciate the social aspect of watching a big event when required and can enjoy it “I just won’t seek it out”

Soccer, skateboarding, snowboarding, skating(longboard/downhill) mountain biking (BMX when I was younger also), even did some long distance running a couple years ago (hood to coast, Walt Disney world Goofy runs essentially a half marathon followed by a full marathon) funny thing is I usually had some cheap earbuds or what have you while doing majority of those things… now I just pick up heavy things and put them back down a couple days a week lol… but with much better audio quality ha! I’m in my late 30’s and I’ve noticed that when I fall I don’t bounce… I go “thud” … gravity and being a bigger guy are not my friends lol


Five minutes, per OSHA.

Though of course it never hurts to err on the side of caution.


Possibly it was less, maybe 95db? I was just trying to recall, the ESP-6’s were a friend’s so I’m going on 47 year old recollection.

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@Torq Listen to “Tin Pan Alley” by Stevie Ray Vaughan and tell me what you think. For me, it was one of the most “real” and “like you were there” renditions by the HEDDphone.


Not having been there, it’s hard for me to evaluate it on those grounds. But it certainly sounded very good.


I don’t usually cross-post/re-post things, but I suspect the discussions here are best kept separate, so I’m reposting this in this thread (vs. the SR1a one):

In between naps, medications and whining, I finally got around to putting both the SR1a on my measurement rig. And comparing them to perhaps the most interesting recent challenger, the HEDDphone:

Now bear in mind this rig is not a professional-level/research grade setup. And that I hear the SR1a’s bass as being a bit lower in level than the HEDDphone (I’m a bit skeptical about how good this setup is below 100 Hz). But otherwise, this largely gels with what I hear when listening to music.

It also explains the zingier/splashier delivery of the HEDDphone.


And if you want to compare using other, more standard, compensations, including RAW:


Can I just say thank you for introducing me to this Chameleon song. I really like it and the gut thumping bass.


I’ll try Trentmoller tomorrow and see if I have the issue. Currently enjoying it on my 1266 and Empyrean. I like that there’s a lot of low bass on this album.


To me the Heddphones are special. At the pricepoint they are a steal. Yes they have their quirks but, they are fast and accurate. cans like the Audeze LCD-3 have no chance at this pricepoint.


I didn’t, have any issues playing “Chameleon” with the demo unit, just an FYI… but I also got a unit with I’m going to assume over 50+hrs of use on them…

Long day… didn’t get much time to listen or jump on the forums…


It doesn’t happen with mine anymore, either.

And that’s with me trying to induce it again, so I will assume it was simply a break-in thing, or the various molded parts settling in.


I finally got around to giving the HEDDphone a go with the A&K SP2000 …

With modern, dynamically-compressed (i.e. higher signal levels) music it did okay - the sound was punchy, detailed, resolving and smooth. Though I was towards the end of the available volume range (130-135 out of 150) to get to satisfying replay levels.

With well-recorded, higher-dynamic-range material, such as pre-loudness wars CD rips, I was generally maxing out the volume to get to a level I’d be happy with. It still sounded pretty good doing this, but there’s almost no headroom, and I don’t listen that loud (80-85 dB, typically).

And forget about using EQ on the SP2000 with the HEDDphone, the ~5 dB drop in level that you get just for turning the EQ on is too much to overcome and still get reasonable volume out.



Could you explain more about what you mean in the “outclassed…raw perf”?

As a Focal Clear owner, I find this one of the best enjoyable cans I have ever heard…listen for hours…so I am looking at future buys, and this statement caught my eye…because its what I have to listen with…

Are you referring to dynamic range…ie fast transients, ability to handle these better??

I hope I can get a Community Preview set to try out…



Who said there is no burn in because it seems to get better with age. I notice better bass response with just a few days of play,


Short-version is that, on a technical level (i.e. “raw performance” rather than an interpretive/subjective “how enjoyable they are”), the the HEDDphone is ahead of the Clear in most areas. Not necessarily by a huge amount in any one area, but when it’s across most areas it becomes a bigger deal. And speed, resolution, transient response, impact, lateral stage and imaging all favor the HEDDphone.

The Clear has a more balanced tonal profile (more prominent bass, a bit less higher-treble energy … closer over all to what most people seem to gravitate towards), and does better with micro-dynamics.

And the Clear are still an excellent and high-value high-end headphone, are far more comfortable, and much easier to drive properly.

If you enjoy the sound of the Clear (I do), you’d likely want to apply a little EQ to the HEDDphone to give it a similar tonal profile. Once done, the only thing you’d be lacking is in the micro-dynamics, which still seem a tad exaggerated to me.

Better raw performance is no guarantee of a more enjoyable end result.


The manufacturer claimed that the HEDDphone doesn’t need any burn-in/break-in. There’s a least one post to that effect on Head-Fi, though I am much too lazy to go find it.

I have to disagree with the manufacturer on this one. While I rarely find break-in to be much of a thing (it’s never turned something I don’t like initially into something I do, nor been the “night/day” level changes that many claim), I do hear differences with the HEDDphone.

Bass-level has come up a bit. The top end is less excitable, and the sibilance I was consistently hearing in some tracks is gone. And the rattling/crackling I was getting with a couple of bass-torture tracks has gone away entirely.


Could not agree with this statement more!


This is an important point that applies to all aspects of the music reproduction chain. :+1:t4:


That’s the awesome thing about this hobby is that it can always get better! How does that phrase go, something like ‘if best isn’t good, better gets better’… or something to that tune(?) Amazing how the HEDDphone may be able to improve even more with burn in!

Oh and for the DAP pairing, I presume that was just a test pairing just for the sake of trying it, although most would generally drive it with a heftier amp. Oh also do you share any of my sentiment that the HEDDphone benefits from the tube saturation of tube amps? Especially OT / transformer coupled ones?