What's in the box!


Ok I’ll stop teasing…


Man, from that first head-on view with the headphone on the Care Bear I thought you might have gotten an HE-60 (baby Orpheus)…

But HD58X is cool too, interested to hear your impressions.


Wow they do look very similar… initially I feel these are a bassy 650 with better imaging/detail less of a veil. Would put them currently above the 650 for my likes. I’ll do a more in depth run at it with some A/B tests with my other cans, later this weekend (hopefully time permitting).

Whoa, that’s some good praise. The HD58X seems like a headphone I would really like but have no need for. I don’t think it would do anything better than my other headphones, but yet I just want to hear it and it is so cheap that I am tempted to just grab one for kicks.

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That is exactly why I purchased it…don’t really have a place for it…but at the price it’s hard to pass up a unique headphone like this. If you’re in the Seattle area I would be glad to drop them off with you for a bit to play with them.

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@DarthPool I was tempted myself, but I can’t justify it. I am curious though, how well do they perform without an amp directly connected to your phone or DAP?

I’ll try it here in a bit I’m picking up my daughter now.

It is sounds pretty good with my Pixel2 XL and dongle actually… it definitely does better with an amp but is very doable with just a phone setup. I had the volume maxed out and it was showing roughly peaks of 83-85db (not sealed, just put the level meter in the cup for a minute).

EDIT: Just plugged it into my MCTH after listening for a bit on my phone…and it is dramatically better, fuller, brighter and just a much better experience out of an amp.

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@DarthPool Thanks for that. I was just curious and you confirm my expectations for portable use without an amp. Other than that it sounds like a rocking pair of cans. I was sooo tempted. Enjoy!

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I got a new box today myself. Senn HD800 (standard version) inside. Looking forward to dialing them up! :sunglasses:


I really love mine! I did the SDR mod and put dekoni hybrid elite pads on it… I’ll probably remove the SDR mod soon though. I might also custom paint mine down the road.

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What did you use as your resonator. I see IEM tips mostly from people posting. Do you believe the Dekonis to be more comfortable than the stock earpads? Which version do you recommend? Thanks.

I used a SDR mod custom made from Italy from some guy =) lol it was based off of and used the same materials as the original SDR mod. I find the Dekoni pads more comfortable and they don’t change the sound profile to drastically if at all for my listening.

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Which ones do you have…I was looking at the fenestrated sheepskin and the elite hybrid…

Elite hybrid, I like them a lot

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You can always just get the SDR directly from the inventor himself, Sorrojde


Ordered a set of the Elite Hybrids. Thank you for the input and advice.

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This seems to be a very similar viewpoint among those who have already received them. Now that you’ve had them for a week would you say your opinion on them has changed at all? How are they for comfort?

I never found this series all that comfortable to be honest, and these are no different. After having them for awhile now… I find myself not really using them, the price of owning multiple TOTL headphones I guess. These are a huge value though, and I can see these being the best pound for pound entry headphones for anyone (also the 4xx). This hobby can ramp up so fast if you let it and other headphones, if you’re willing to pay for them, just demolish lower level headphones. My recommendation path as of now would be the 58X->HD700->HD800. But that is based on my experience so ¯_(ツ)_/¯ obviously I would also recommend side grade headphones to go along with them…a bass cannons pair for example.

Something like the Campfire Audio Cascade ? :wink: haha.

Its interesting that your upgrade path consists of solely dynamic drivers. I know you said in another thread that you have the Monoprice 1060C (I think?). Do you think Planars have a spot in the upgrade path or would they serve as more of a complimentary piece for you?