HEDD Audio HEDDphone - Official Thread

Agree. I think they’re an improvement over the Adam Audio AX7s, which isn’t surprising as he designed those 5 years ago.

Excited to try these.

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anyone know what the final weight of these are?

Can confirm, Adam is bright in their lower end, Guitar Center type monitors. Sad thing is, they didn’t seem very detailed for how many treble-cringes they induced.

No clue about hedd.

@andrew can confirm but I believe the last report we got on the weight a week ago was just over 700g.


That’s a big girl…


Good heavens that is over twice the weight of my 330 gram HD800S.

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So that’s about the same weight as the RAD-0 or the LCD-4, and good bit better than the >900 grams the prototypes at CanJam came in at.


“no clue about hedd”

(sound of someone marveling)


The prototype at munich high end 2019(may) was a beast in size and weight
good to see weight came down
the staff at the booth was very symphatic- wish them the best
I’m curious about the final design

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Curious how they sound but I could never live with a phone more than 500 grams. If I replace my HD800S it will be with the SR1a’s.

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A short video


Looking forward to this. At €1700 if the sound is as good as anticipated, this should do very well.

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Wonder when the release date will be mentioned.

@andrew, @taronlissimore, any word on release date?

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They announced released date on their instagram.
It is during the Namm show.

Check the comments:


They are in and they are glorious! This is the first demo unit available in North America (@andrew would be able to confirm).

I was able to get some solid listening in today and even though I’ve had them on my head before, I’ve never actually had the chance to listen to them yet. The experience when music is actually coming through them is a much more enjoyable one!

The elephant in the room, yes they are heavy and if you aren’t used to wearing the likes of Audeze or Rosson Audio Design the weight will be noticeable. The pads are very thick though and that helps although there is some clamp force. If you had issues with the clamp on something like the AEONs or RAD-0, you will have problems here too. Personally, it’s fine for me as I didn’t have any issues with either of those headphones.

However, the sound is absolutely fantastic. Listening impressions to follow shortly!


Looking forward to trying these things. Doing neck exercises as we speak! Necksercises?


Working out the braincells - Imgur

Getting it while the gettin is good!



Jokes aside! I’m looking forward to @taronlissimore and @Resolve impression/thoughts of these!!

I’m interested in how they would compare to the SR1A also as they are somewhat similar in that they both derive from unique speaker technology =)