Hifiman Ananda Open-Back Planar Magnetic Headphones - Official Thread

Hi @Resolve sir andrew. Would it be possible to get the gras 43ag frequency response values for the hifiman ananda bt? I plan to import it to rew and adjust equalization close to the harman curve then transfer eq to autoeq. The only frequency measurement with values i can find is the rtings (autoeq website). Do you also have a recommended eq setting for the ananda bt? Thank you very much

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I do not have a preset for that, mainly because it would require some narrow q values. I’m just out of town at the moment but I’ll see what I can do when I’m back home. I do happen to have one available to measure. Remind me in a week or so.


Hi sir andrew @Resolve. Can i follow-up the 43ag frequency response values of the hifiman ananda bt. Thank you very much

Welp the driver died out of nowhere just after the warranty ended. It was a reckless buy since i pushed my budget for it so it hit even harder :frowning: Worth noting these are 2x more expensive now because of the f’ed up economy of my country. It was already very expensive because of the currency and now it’s 2x expensive. I know it sounds unreal lol

Living in a third world country and buying headphones… or having any hobby…


Some people have experienced exemplary customer care for matters like these from Hifiman. I would contact them and see what remedies are available.


Unfortunately, this is something that every Hifiman buyer must have in mind even when going for more expensive models. I find that approach to quality inexcusable, especially at these prices.


I tried my luck but they asked quite a lot of money and return of my unit so it ends up like buying a new pair of Ananda and dealing with return shipping etc… I said send me a Sundara as a replacement and don’t charge additional money but no result. Their customer service very slow so i give up.

Yeah. It’s really crazy. My situation isn’t rare, it’s quite common.


Hfm headphones are one of the few things I purchase an extended warranty on, and for that reason would only buy them from Amazon. (Actually, if it were available, I would do the same for Focals, and for the same reason.) My Sundara has been repaired under warranty once in abt. 2 years. They have self-destructing pads too, but I didn’t even bother submitting a claim for that, as I don’t want more of the same. Love the sound though. Wouldn’t still have them otherwise.


Hifiman and build quality are most definitely not synonymous. For example of build quality contrast: my Arya V2 cost me about the same as my LCD-XC. Even without touching the headphones the difference in build quality is huge. Then you pick each one up, oh my. The XC feels and looks like it may outlast me. The Arya on the other hand feels like I will have to REALLY baby it to get 10 years out of it. I appreciate the lightweight & comfort (and sound) of the Arya, but that is no excuse for the fragile build. I mean the HD800s weighs less and feels 3x as durable. I had the Ananda and they felt even flimsier than the Arya. It seems crazy that Audeze can build these LCD-XC (or X) headphones here is California, include a carry case, a great cable and far superior build quality than the Arya and charge less. Very impressive.


Just an update: After long talks for near 2 weeks i can say they are finally genuinely helping me however it still ends up quite expensive because of my country. Shipping cost (including the return shipping) and custom taxes make it quite expensive. I ask them to send me XS($500) instead of Ananda($700) as a replacement and don’t ask me to return dead Ananda (because return shipping cost is huge) but they didn’t accept it. I guess returning the dead product is a strict rule.

It’s not their fault so i can’t blame them. End of the day, their customer service is trying to help me. However the product shouldn’t have died in the first place to be honest. I hope they improve things. Hifiman is the most active and aggressive player in the audiophile market so i appreciate them.

Now this will potentially cost as much as how much i paid for Ananda in the first place back when our currency was better. I will try to find money to get a replacement. It’s shocking how much we get poorer over the years. I hope Russia doesn’t invade Ukraine and start another unsolvable problem in the area.

Back to topic, should i get XS as a replacement or Ananda ? I’m considering getting XS to be honest. Custom tax will be more affordable and i find the reviews very positive.

I’m very sorry to hear your sad news about the headphones dying and the cost of replacing them now being so awfully expensive.

I would encourage you to avoid buying any more HiFiMan headphones. The company is notorious for its poor quality control. If you look on several threads on this forum, I’m afraid you’ll find all too many people reporting dead drivers and many other problems. I fear that if you were to get another pair of HiFiMAN headphones you’ll just face the same problem again.

One more thought: if HiFiMAN won’t replace the headphones, is there someone local who might be able to examine them and fix them for you? The problem might be something as simple as re-soldering a cable inside the headphone cups.


Thanks. I agree. I wouldn’t buy Hifiman moving forward. I’ll get a replacement so that’s why i’m considering XS. I will pay for it quite a bit but still better than nothing. Most annoying part is that i have to return the broken unit. Shipping is very expensive and risky and the headphone isn’t even salvageable except the left driver. Just waste of money, time and inconvenience. I’m willing to pay more instead of dealing with the international return which will benefit no one. But customer service say it’s the procedure.

I hope they will send a proper unit without problems otherwise i’m f’ed.

As for XS vs Ananda, i’m still on the fence.


Sucks Man. Pulling for you to emerge from this unpleasantness as soon as possible.


So looks like i’m stuck again. Everything was going smooth until i hit a wall with the payment. Hifiman only accepts Paypal and Paypal doesn’t work in my country. What should i do ? Anyone know a workaround ?

I get this message from customer service:

‘‘We are sorry we only have one payment method, Paypal. Maybe we will open more payment methods in the future to provide you better service, please kindly understand’’

3 weeks of customer service talk and ended up here. I’m at a huge loss. I need to solve this. Maybe they can send a Sundara instead.

According to the HiFiManfs homepage Ananda now comes with stealth magnets, I can’t se this in their online store. Is there a big difference between stealth and none stealth?

I have an Ananda and an HE-400i, so I’ve never heard any of the stealth offerings. My understanding is stealth magnets reduce turbulence the sound experiences as makes its way to you ears. It has to be a subtle change, though, because non-stealth phones still sound great.

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I should update my case with the Hifiman support here. They helped me greatly. Hifiman support is really good. I’m still gonna say that their QC and reliability isn’t great but they do compensate with their customer service. They helped me pay without paypal, they also helped me with the shipping. They are slow but they genuinely try to help. So 9.9/10 rating for Hifiman customer service from me. I don’t think any other customer service would help me like this but on the other hand other brands less likely to have a problem.

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The biggest difference will be (most likely) the upper treble/air frequencies. Trend is that ‘‘Stealth’’ headphones have more energy there. And the subjective difference would be the imaging improvement.

If you already have the Ananda, don’t feel like you are missing out. If you are a new buyer, just wait and get the stealth while you are at it.

Hello my new friends. I bit the bullet and bought an open box of the Ananda the other day. I do love them, but like many people I have a small head and they do not really fit well. So my question is what do people that want to keep them do to make the headband thicker? Any input would be greatly appreciated. In my case it seems like I need about a half inch thickness to get the earphones up where they should be.


I really enjoyed using a ZMF co-pilot on my Ananda when I had it, which fit really well and made me extent the headband by at least a couple notches. If you wanted even more padding though, Dekoni nuggets might be looking into. I’d think between those two things you’d be all set.