Hifiman Arya - Official Thread

I don’t think I’ve owned a pair of headphones longer than the Arya. However, I’m still curious whats out there, IF there is something better. I’ve found some true bliss with the Arya, but want to know what other prefer over it.

Currently I planned to have 1 open 1 closed. Being the Arya and Ether C Flow 1.1 respectively… can anyone recommend something better? :slight_smile:

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What have you tried exactly ? That would help us recommend something “better” / different. Do you have any experience with the Focal lineup or ZMF headphones ? That would be a good place to start if you don’t. Stax, while less “practical”, are something to try at least once in my opinion too. Also, what is your budget ? Same as Arya or less or more ?

I wanna say I’m open in price. While it’s not an issue… I’m not looking to spend 50k for an Orpheus XD. Looking for something similar in price, so I suppose <$2000

I’ve tried a bunch of headphones…Focal Elear, ZMF Eikon, ZMF Ori, EMU Teaks, Audeze LCD2, Audeze Sine, Audeze LCD i4, Hifiman Edition X, Hifiman He560, and many more but thats off the top of my head.

That’s a good start ! I would suggest you try the Focal Elex (got one for sale right now :wink: ), Focal Clear, Focal Elegia, ZMF Aeolus, ZMF Auteur, Audeze LCD 2C, etc. Are you also into IEMs ? That would open up a lot of options too.

Thanks haha. I’ve had an Elear and wasn’t toooo fond of it. Too metallic and harsh. I tried the Clears and Utopias as well. While the Utopia is wonderful, it’s not a headphone it’d like to keep. Too expensive and honestly just a little too involving. Amazing set of cans… I liked the Clear but they just didn’t do anything much for me.

Been wanted to try ZMFs newer offerings (Verite, Aeolus) however I’ve heard the Aeolus may be too thick sounding? Unsure… I tried the Autuer at CanJam several times but it’s hard to get a good impressions. Overall it just felt a bit stale (but bad listening conditions)

LCD2C… I’ve owned an aluminum LCD2 Fazor - not sure how different they are, but it was a bit too thick to own as my open headphone. Amazing bass though.

I do like iems… but fitment is always an issue. I’ve owned Andros (amazing but couldn’t wear over 1.5 hours).

Current IEMs I have are LCDi4, Periodic Audio BE, and Shinola Canfield IEMs


I’m a big fan of the ZMF Verite and Aeolus, honestly the Aeolus once broken in is the easier listen, the Verite is a mix of Utopia, HD800, but with solid bass…it is a pretty fun headphone.

Or if you want image/stage/detail monsters and don’t mind getting a stereo amp…might I point you in this direction…

Maybe I’ll give the Aeolus a shot…if I can find a used one haha.

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Aeolus is fairly hard to find on the used market. Haven’t seen that many pop up on Headfi in the last few months. Good luck though, they’re fun !

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I’ve had the Arya for a few days now. I was hoping it be a nice upgrade from the HE560, which I’ve commented on this specific thread two or three times now, and I think it totally lives up to it. They share a lot of similarities in general sound signature, but the Arya has much better resolution, bass textures and a noticeably airer, gentler soundstage - where the HE560 could sound a little intimate at times. FIt is also improved, while still retaining the same headband design that I really like a lot.

I’ll probably post a full review a little later, but so far I’m pretty content with this product for my personal preferences and they are a great compliment to the ZMF Verite’s more colored, warmer, more laid-back approach.


I completely agree. I’ve been eyeing these for a while now. Slick looking cable too! What is that?

something i made this week using 26 awg copper wire, paracord and neutrik connectors.


Hmm… Maybe I need to get into cable making haha.


@Andrew, @taronlissimore and I have talked about me doing a “class” for building cables.

Maybe it’s time to get that scheduled.

I have articles on it halfway completed, but some video content might make them easier for others to follow (hint … hint …).


They may not look flashy, but they’re superbly designed, super easy to work with, have excellent strain relief and entry/exit flexibility, and the color-customization rings make them easy to match for different aesthetics.


I’m extremely interested in doing this.


Definitely agree. The connectors at the headphone itself arent neutrik – just random ones I found on amazon that are red/black, but the amp side connectors – I always use neutrik. They are so easy to work with, and are built and designed very well.


Definitely +1 :+1:


Have you auditioned them next to the Ananda’s? @antdroid

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No not side-by-side, but @Resolve did do a side-by-side review of the two several months ago.

I listened to the Ananda a while back but not enough to make my memory very useful. I chose to go with Arya mostly due to Resolve’s review, and I also prefer the headband system that is used.


Go. Do this now. Don’t stop at red lights. It mustn’t wait.