HiFIMAN Arya Organic - Official Thread

This is the place to discuss all things to do with the HiFiMAN Arya Organic.

Here are HiFiMAN Arya Organic measurements.

B&K Default (this is going to be the the new normal for representing data, which is compensated to flat DF and represented as a tilt, because nobody likes flat DF):

B&K 5128 Raw (vs DF + 10dB Slope):

Channel Matching

Compensated to DF + 10dB Slope:

GRAS (vs Harman OE 2018):
Note that we’re still in the process of acquiring the high res DF HRTF for the KB5000, the existing one is for the large format ear, so I’m showing this relative to Harman instead at the moment.

Sound Signature (smoothed to same degree as target):

Overall this is one of the best results for any HiFiMAN headphone I’ve come across… except for the treble, which is a bit bright sounding.

Note the 8khz constructive interference feature on the B&K 5128 (the peak there) isn’t something that we should expect to be perceptually relevant. It’s very likely this is similar to the 9khz dip on the GRAS systems which should also be ignored. So while it may look peaky, it’s really just that the whole range is boosted.

It’s also kind of remarkable that they were able to give it a bass shelf to a certain degree - and it’s… somewhat unclear just how they did this, since the two primary methods don’t seem to be at work (generally linear impedance, and there doesn’t seem to be an integrated air gap to incur the Fs).

Instead, this may in fact be a driver mode, similar to how some other models have some ‘wibbles’ in the midrange. Seemingly with this one it’s much lower down, causing a bass shelf effect. At least, that’s what this appears to be. I won’t know for sure without taking it apart, which I’m not inclined to do at the moment.


Interesting. It would be nice to have HEK Stealth and Arya Stealth measurements to compare as well. Especially HEK Stealth seems to be quite different than HEK v2.


how does this compare to Hifimans other offerings…

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@Resolve will do a video review i guess. We will see. I don’t have experience with Organic or HEK Stealth yet.

Here’s the comparison with the Arya Stealth (left + right averages)

They’re very similar, the difference being the Organic seems to have a driver mode that functions as a bit of a bass shelf (with the Harmanesque dip at the lowest part of the ear gain), and the Stealth having a 5khz peak. The Organic is also a bit brighter in the upper treble, but overall I think it’ll be easier to EQ, since all you need to do is downshelf above 6khz.


Here’s a preliminary EQ:


Frequency response after EQ:

Much of the work here is being done by the treble downshelf by about 5dB above 6khz, and IMO for what’s most perceptually relevant, you could just leave it at that. But for those who want to dial it in a bit further there are some additional filters there.

You could also add a notch filter at 6.6khz to drop that resonance there but I found it’s generally overshadowed by the rest of the treble above, meaning it’s not so bad as is on this unit. The L side shows it a bit stronger though so for other units out there this could be something to also adjust.

Edit - I prefer this with the notch at 6khz, and I removed the boost at 10.5khz:



Interesting. Recessed low mids/high bass, high amount of treble and the standard Hifiman scoop around 2k… This headphone probably have a good soundstage illusion. Stealth tuning could have been better if that 5k peak wasn’t there.

I’d pick Organic if the price was same as Arya Stealth but $1300 is just under HEK Stealth.

For me, if I couldn’t EQ I’d pick the Stealth over the Organic. But… we live in a world where I can EQ, so it’s not much of a difference. I’d take the HEK V2 over both.


Can’t wait for your HEK Stealth review.

interesting that the HEK V2 isn’t on your ranking list (unless I missed it)

would love to see what the Arya Organic measurement looks like with only the -5 dB high-shelf applied

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The brightness of the Stealth is plenty for me already. I’d still be down to give em a try!

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This headphone is spectacular in terms of technicals for the price it commands. Makes me wonder if Susvara 2 is soon to be. Too bad it’s a bit intense in the mid treble and air (but mostly problematic to me with the 6-8kHz.

Nothing a little treble shelf can’t fix, but this is also viable for me when doing music listening through Roon.

For this reason, if anyone wants a 30 minute old Organic and save a hundo, you may give me a shout :slight_smile:

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@Resolve Which amp are you using for the Arya Organic?

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Most sources should have no problem powering the Arya Organic. For me it’s typically the straightforward solid state sources like the AAA One and Phonitor X that was in the video (I also have a list of reference gear but that’s currently in the process of being switched out). As to if there’s any meaningful difference among them, I’m not the person to really weigh in on that.


any tips on how to get a little bit more bass? (EQ Noob here)
thx :smiley:

add a filter below 90hz.