Hifiman HE6Se V2

I can do them all A>Z :wink:
If there’s interest I can definitely consider maybe doing a few…of course I’d want to do some post processing to feel comfortable getting them into other peoples hands :slight_smile:


I always found it weird (and amazing) that people have the guts to mod their headphones. The thought of simply changing pads seemed foreign to me because I didn’t want to risk damaging them.

Well, no longer I guess. I did some grill rolling for the first time ever (and it’s probably as far as I can get when modding is concerned lol)

I found some aluminum mesh pizza tray, cut them out, and slapped them on lol.


As long as they sound good. :grin:

Only one of my headphones are stock, the Focal Clear MG. When appropriate, why not? It’s all about the sound, imo.

How are you liking them?


much shiny. so impact. big slam. such grill mesh. wow.

(you have a great username)


I like them a lot better than the stock ones. With the stock grills, it felt a bit more congested and it gets a bit too loud for me and I can’t turn up the volume even though I really want to.

With the pizza pan mesh grills + (my ex’s) black stockings combo, there’s more bass and the treble isn’t as piercing anymore, but I still hear all the shimmers. I imagine this mod lies between the stock grills and the honeycomb grills in terms of sound.

Very thanks. much appreciate. wow.

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I added some of the pad swaps/mods graphs to my new graph tool