Hifiman HE6Se V2

I can do them all A>Z :wink:
If there’s interest I can definitely consider maybe doing a few…of course I’d want to do some post processing to feel comfortable getting them into other peoples hands :slight_smile:


I always found it weird (and amazing) that people have the guts to mod their headphones. The thought of simply changing pads seemed foreign to me because I didn’t want to risk damaging them.

Well, no longer I guess. I did some grill rolling for the first time ever (and it’s probably as far as I can get when modding is concerned lol)

I found some aluminum mesh pizza tray, cut them out, and slapped them on lol.


As long as they sound good. :grin:

Only one of my headphones are stock, the Focal Clear MG. When appropriate, why not? It’s all about the sound, imo.

How are you liking them?


much shiny. so impact. big slam. such grill mesh. wow.

(you have a great username)


I like them a lot better than the stock ones. With the stock grills, it felt a bit more congested and it gets a bit too loud for me and I can’t turn up the volume even though I really want to.

With the pizza pan mesh grills + (my ex’s) black stockings combo, there’s more bass and the treble isn’t as piercing anymore, but I still hear all the shimmers. I imagine this mod lies between the stock grills and the honeycomb grills in terms of sound.

Very thanks. much appreciate. wow.


I added some of the pad swaps/mods graphs to my new graph tool



Broke my left side yoke while trying to bend it into a more comfortable position, guess I’ll have to swap to the original headband and wait another few weeks for them to restock

Sorry to hear that. On a positive note, I think the Hybrid headband is much more comfortable.

I hope it’s stocked soon. :+1:t4:

After having the HE6se v2 (Audiman LCD-HE6se v2) for a good while now. These headphones are great.


For those wanting GRAS measurements:

This is @antdroid’s unit. Interesting to see the usual 2khz dip there. I initially thought the bass response here was showing minor air gap behavior with the gentle rise into the sub-bass, but it’s tough to tell because the resonance frequency is so freaking low that it doesn’t make much difference. You see this to a certain extent on both V1 and V2, but V1 was a bit more linear in a downward fashion with less change and a lower resonance frequency. I suspect in this case it has to do with the way the pads seal to the headphone (the clips), and less to do with coupling to the head.

Here it is with an actual air gap:

Notice how you do still see a dropoff, and this is more noticeable on this unit than on the V1 (V1 didn’t change at all).

And Free Air:

So this is where it actually shows a rise, contrast this with free air from HE6se V1 (purple is V1):

If this is confusing, essentially what’s going on here is that the headphone is deliberately being held a centimeter or two away from the rig to see how the driver behaves in free air and where the resonance frequency is. The limitation on this is that you can’t really control for exact distance all that well since that’s not what the rig is intended for, but so far my initial testing indicates that maybe there’s more going on with the V2 than just a tuning change. Pad material and connectivity to the headphone is another potential factor, so more testing needs to be done on this.

In any case, here’s the on-head response (teal is on-head) to check coupling integrity:

You can see that bass level agrees with coupling on the rig, indicating that the rise into the sub-bass likely isn’t actually due to any significant air gap behavior (unless it’s getting the same interaction when worn… possibly). At the very least, it’s likely controlled by a different factor because of the air gap and free air results shown above. It could be a mild form of it though, like the pad’s connection to the rest of the headphone as mentioned.

Overall… this is an absolute beast of a headphone and it’s making me kick myself for not jumping on that Adorama deal. Good lord does it ever slam. Soundstage and space isn’t the greatest but the detail on this is super impressive, as is the separation and control during busy passages.

Better techs than the V1? Yes I think so. V1 sounds more ‘closed-in’, and that’s after EQing both to the same target (roughly).


I might be able to make you a set of standoffs to hold an ear cup a specific distance from your measuring rig.

If you’d be interested / think the precision is worth it for open air measurements, I’d need to see pictures of the rig to start with.


For what it’s worth, in the case of these two there didn’t seem to be a huge difference from the results I got each time I ran the test. But yes, that would be useful for consistency.

I would love to see your EQ for these…


General note, I noticed an audible + measurable bass bump (that little subbass bump you measure) when I swapped out the original grill and the open honeycomb grill. The stock grill of the V2 is the same as the V1.


That explains it then. Good to know.

Did you ever run these with the Burson?

I ended up canceling my order because despite paying for 2 day shipping, they didn’t send it to me. I was going on vacation less than a week later, and needed them delivered pretty quickly. Maybe there were a lot of orders due to the sale price and Adorama was struggling to get them out in a timely fashion. It was an impulse buy due to the sale price, and in hindsight, I’m glad it all worked out that way, because I’m very happy with the Verite and Stellia as my daily-co-drivers.


Ah, got it. I am debating whether to buy the Burson or sell the HE6SE.

I currently have a v1 that I bought used a few weeks ago that had the honeycomb grill mod and Dekoni pads pre-installed. I was wondering how the v1 and v2 [with both having the honeycomb mod] compare? I am currently using a Jotunheim 2 with these and am really impressed!


The grille mod doesn’t have THAT much effect in coupled scenarios, but it does seem to have a noticeable effect on the Q of the resonance in air gap situations. Basically, the resonance will be stronger and more narrow than with the default grille. I’m told there are… complicated reasons for this haha. So far in my testing, pads and clamp pressure seem to make a more noticeable difference.