Hifiman HE6Se V2

Hi Everyone!

New member here. I wanted to share that I was able to add the audeze headband to the stock yolks by drilling two holes and cutting the extending arm from the base of the yolk. It could use some cleaning up around the edges but it is much more comfortable than the stock headband for me, enough that I’m not sure I’ll bother reaching out to audeze.


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That’s pretty sweet. :+1:t4:

What amp are you using, and how are you liking them?

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They look good. :ok_hand:t4:


Welcome and it looks great!

What pads are you using on them?


Thanks! These are dekoni sheepskin. You can probably see the sewing job on this particular pair of pads is not great, relative to other dekoni pads I’ve used so not sure whats going on with that I ordered them on amazon. I also have mr speakers ether angled and ori sheepskin perforated. I’m currently running them through an RME ADI 2, to a crown d75a speaker amp. The crown is doing a solid job at least compared to the gustard h16 I tried or the rme amp. I have the flux fa10 arriving on Monday.

Still messing around with pads but I’ve been going to the dekoni’s the most. They seem to soften the highs a tad bit more than the ori’s and mr speakers.


This was pretty interesting.

I received my honeycomb grills from the eBay seller that most have referenced when performing the grill mod today. They’re very nicely made, and they fit perfectly.

After switching out my homemade grills to the new honeycomb style I noticed the the sound had changed. It sounded a little more veiled and also slightly peaky in the treble. I thought maybe it was just me trying to hard to hear differences so I decided to have my partner give them a listen (she’s good at giving honest and simple feedback, meaning she’s not looking for things she’s just listening).

Without leading her in any way, or setting up expectations I simply handed her the headphones and had her listen. After a couple of minutes she removed them and said that they didn’t sound as clear, and that the voices were a little muffled but the the highs were too sharp!

I switched back and there indeed was a difference. I prefer my homemade grills. I wonder why there’s a noticeable difference as there’s not a vast difference in openness that I can see. I find it pretty interesting. :thinking:


Oh yes! I’m finding the difference to be very interesting. Makes me want to try out different designs and who knows… I might end up with a funky-looking one if that one ends up sounding the best to me haha. With the double honey-comb design it definitely sounded more congested imo


It’s crazy, right?!

The differences are so noticeable.


Finished putting my Audeze carbon band on the HE6Se, it kind of makes me wish I got the standard Audeze band, as the carbon has so much clamp that it’s making my Dekoni Hybrids somewhat uncomfortable, does anyone have any suggestions for some pads that are more plush than the Dekonis while sounding good on the HE6se? I’d get the old Audeze Vegans but those are discontinued and very hard to find, unsure how good the new Audeze pads are. I’m thinking possibly some perforated lambskin ZMF Ori pads?

Currently running it off of a Bifrost Multibit w/ Unison upgrade → JLH 1969 design Class A amp straight off the speaker taps, sounds tonally similar to an Asgard 3 but with better low end extension and some actual headroom.

I’m considering trying a different amp, maybe a Parasound Zamp v3 or two monoblocked? I’m not really looking to spend a ton since I’d like to keep everything in the chain in total around as expensive as what I’d spent on the headphones, but so far I can think of:

Parasound Zamp v3 stereo or monoblocked
Schiit Jotunheim 2 or Vidar
G1217 Ember 2
Building a Firstwatt F5 Turbo clone (not something I’d prefer to do, tired of building amps)

Any suggestions I could find in that sub-$500 range that take single ended inputs without an issue (as I don’t plan to buy another dac, love my Bifrost) would be nice, I’m not sure anything would really outdo this JLH1969 though, outside of taking up less space or running cooler, two things I do dislike about it.


The perforated Ori’s are thicker than the dekoni sheepskins that I have but they’re also less dense, so the clamp on my he6se w/ the standard audeze headband is similar between the two overall, but ori’s probably have the edge in comfort.


i would say the JOT 2 from schiit, it takes the single ended RCA and turns it balanced internally and its got tons of power super clean and spacial ques are amazing. great price as well. made In US is always nice.

Decided to do something for fun.

I present the Audiman LCD-HE6se :slight_smile:

I also decided to test out ironing on my printer for the first time… it drags the hot nozzle over the top layer to smooth out the print. Definitely needs more tweaking…

Here was my first iteration of the Audiman

Definitely been fun seeing how these different grill designs change the sound.


I’m not a fan of ASR by any means, but I thought this chart was a good example of why planars seem to pair better with high-current amplifier. Especially the HifiMan HE6.


Very interesting! Would be nice to see how the insensitive the Susvaras are compared to the HE-6.


This is blasphemy!!! :joy: :rofl:


next level: add 200g to each grill so it weighs like an audeze


I present the next evolution of the Audiman LCD-HE6se

Tweaked the design a bit more as well as dialing in my printer closer to perfection. Haven’t bothered to dial in the “ironing” setting yet, but once I do… (this was without the ironing setting) :slight_smile:


Pretty sweet. How do you like the sound?

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Surprisingly the Audiman grill is the best I’ve tried. Maybe Audeze’s RnD really looked into it with this design. There’s a bit more bass rumble? Soundstage is just a tad less compared to open to no surprise which I think also attributes to the bass.

I made the opening between the grills are a bit bigger compared to Audeze’s actual grill since I knew that with these the more open = more stage/bass from experience since they want all that air to do their magic.


Can you turn that “A” into a “H”? Also, where do I place orders for a set of new grills? :yum: