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This isn’t a typical hifiman review, but I wrote a review on an integrated amplifier used exclusively with the HE6SE and Susvara


Nice write up. :+1:t4:

It’s interested how speaker amps really work well with inefficient HifiMan.

What’s going to be released today?

(got this from the erji forums).

Also, zoom in on the tree in the pic and you’ll see HE-R9 and a Edition XS.


I bet the Edition XS is just the Edition X with stealth magnets. Just like they did with HEKse, 400se, and Arya stealth edition.

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Hey guys,

So recently I sold most of my headphone gear to fund a stereo set up in my living room.
I went from a ZMF Pendant > ZMF Eikon, now to the Hifiman 400se.

I went this route because I previously owned a Ananda and really loved it. It opened my eyes to what headphones can deliver and really sent me down the rabbit hole, landing in ZMF paradise.

Anyways, for $150 these 400SE cans really provide a pleasurable listening experience. A little harsher and less detailed than the Ananda, mids are a little recessed in comparison, but it holds me over in a pinch i would say. Bass is well extended, and the highs are pretty smooth!
Sure, I lust for more expensive cans, but having experienced cans 10x more expensive than these, I’m happy with what these provide.
They also are some of the lightest headphones i’ve worn. My old K7XX were really lightweight as well, but these have better tuning.


Edition XS:


HE-R9 (image shows the DEVA Pro though):


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I don’t understand much of that (especially the weird pricing? ¥2499.00 is $22), but taken in absolute terms we can gather that this new Edition XS (¥2499.00) will be about 1/4 the price of Arya (¥9999.00), so we’re looking at a Sundara competitor.

Watch out for currency symbol confusion, as I think only three are widely used.

China and Japan for ¥
US and many for $
Euro €

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Ah, quite right - thanks. Still, the absolute terms comparison holds. Edition XS is a Sundara level offering @ ~$400.

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