How do you organize your Tidal library?

I’m wondering if I’m missing something because I can’t find a way to organize Tidal.

I can favorite an album but it winds up in a huge pile of favorites with no way to organize or tag them. I can’t make categories or folders like ‘chill’ or ‘symphony’.

When searching for new music I’ve been marking interesting albums as favs but then there’s no way to separate the albums I haven’t listened to yet from the ones that are actual favs.

Ideally I’d want to mark an album “already sorted” so I don’t spend time investigating it again.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to make a list of albums. I can add an album to a playlist but it just adds the individual tracks which creates an even bigger pile of disorganized tracks.

I hope I’m missing something obvious because Tidal is the only service that works reliably for me (I’ve tried all the multi-genre hi-res services).

I really, really, don’t want to have to set up Roon just to be able to organize my library.


Probably not helpful, but at least sympathetic, Tidal is pretty garbage this way from past experience so it would not surprise me if that is indeed the case. Gave up on trying to figure a way to do that some time ago. Roon is the answer if you are OK with it.

Outside of playlists there isnt much in the way of personal organization within favourites.

Its possible that there is a way to do this or an update has occurred that allows it but, as I said, I gave up long ago.


It was worth a shot in case someone found a way.

My general theme these days is to simplify. I’m trying to avoid adding things that need maintenance. I’ve heard great things about Roon but can’t bring myself to take that leap yet.


Ask around, and you will find It is worth the leap. There is nothing else quite like it. It integrates Qobuz, Tidal, DSD, CD, FLAC etc for me in a seamless and transparent way - allowing me to focus on the music rather than file formats and locations. You can give it a try for free. I did and haven’t looked back.

Roon Free Trial


Can’t agree more. If one streams music and has a digital library Roon’s worth every single dollar you pay. Great integration of streaming services, great organisation of libraries, stunning user interface.

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Do other platforms have better solutions for tracking and sorting favorites?

Can the entirety of Roon (server plus playback client) run on a single laptop, without an internet connection?

If things get back to semi-normal I want to travel and the most technology I would have available would be a laptop and intermittent internet.

I am also considering putting the money for Roon and streaming toward music purchases and then I can travel with just a portable drive and laptop/tablet, optionally adding dap or portable dac/amp.

There’s no single perfect answer but as usual you wind up having to prioritize.

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I believe most of the functions are based on the availability of an internet access. If you plan to travel and you don’t have an access to the internet this turns your hard earned money spent for Roon senseless. I have Roon because of my work. Otherwise Audirvana or even Amarra would be more than sufficient for my personal needs, being a Mac user. I stream music because of my job. For my personal listenings I buy the music I love, mostly from Bandcamp and it’s perfect for me.

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Thanks for the Roon info.

Bandcamp is looking like the main spot for purchases along with the various specialty sources.

When adding in the project of ripping a few hundred cd’s I think the old-school media library plus media player is the best compromise for me.


Definitely the best option for your use.

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