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Pure Berylliium drivers at $200ish budget. Anyone tried these yet?

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Is it just me or does Campfire IEMs seems to be either a total hit or miss?
Which is why I need reviews.

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Thank You very much Lothar. You are so very kind. I appreciate your message.


Actually, I would not attest campfire audio a real total failure in their portfolio.

Only sometimes I don’t really understand their pricing policy :moneybag:.

Without a doubt, the workmanship of most of the models is outstanding, but the comfort is sometimes rather mediocre, and with the single dynamic models, the tonal tuning is mostly rather modest.

The two latest models are significantly exaggerated in price, if I consider the sound quality against it.

From the hip, I name 3 in-ears, which also have a pronounced bass boost, but whose remaining tonal qualities can either easily keep up or are far superior (Ikko-OH10). They all have in common that they are all significantly cheaper are, and in some cases even better processed.

Without a doubt, their Andromeda line is by far the most balanced and, in my opinion, the best in terms of sound.

I have picked out three raisins and am absolutely satisfied with them :100: :+1:.


Campfire Audio certainly has a diverse array of IEMs, each with its own distinctive characteristics. Ken Ball has gone on the record (here) to say that he doesn’t intend for Campfire Audio to have a house sound; rather, he wants there to be many different flavors to appeal to many different people, and while one person might find one of the IEMs to be great, that same person might dislike another set of the company’s IEMs.

I’ve experienced this myself. In the past 7 or 8 months or so, I’ve auditioned half a dozen of the lineup. I loved half of the ones I tried and very much disliked the others (I should be clear that, by dislike, I’m simply talking about personal preferences not aligning with what the IEMs offer, and I’m not saying that they’re not any good).

This makes blind-buying new CA IEMs risky, for me; I’d roll the dice buying used, but, ideally, I’d want an audition first. This applies even to the special, limited, or updated versions of their lineup, like the Solaris; the original I loved, the 2020 version was far too bright for me.

I’m interested to see what the X is like. My hope is that, if it is indeed more neutral than the 2020 - as the marketing blurb describes it - then the treble brightness has been reduced. Here’s hoping!


By the way:


I am in allignment with this statement, I find the prices far from always being coherent. I have Campfire IEMs and I really like them, but I don’t understand the fit between some of their IEMs and the price they ask for.

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Is the Mammoth the successor to the Polaris v2.

This is from another site:

Mammoth’s original development did spring from our work on a successor to Polaris 2. But during that process, it became evident that this was something different and something really cool.

Mammoth offers an enjoyable listening ex

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A few thoughts on the Moondrop Variations :thinking::

According to the usual “basic settings”, ---- selection of tips & selection of additional devices ----

I played my usual test playlist.

The first two songs made me wonder, something is different here


At the third song, it “clicks”, I played it again to make sure:

First of all, the drums kick in, which are played with force and very cleanly.

But many earphones of this quality can do that too :man_shrugging:.

The harmonica, which starts after 15 seconds and is played slightly in the foreground, confirms the precise three-dimensionality that these earphones are able to achieve, some other in-ears can do this very well, too :man_shrugging:

From a second 44 onwards, at least in my opinion, it will be unique.


The old, mumbling, quirky Rock titan starts to sing.

Not extraordinary, actually.

But the way this singing is performed via these special earphones is extraordinary :+1: :clap:

Crystal clear, each nuance brings out the uniqueness of Neil’s voice .

And all without the usual “tricks” that other manufacturers use with their earbuds.


Here the voice is not pushed, but everything else (instruments, background noises …) is reset, so to speak.

To describe this, I try to portray through pictures, as I mean that:

Some manufacturers try it that way =


or this way =



The Moondrop Variations can actually do it very naturally, and as one is used to from a concert in the real world:


This just puts the vocal artist in the spotlight and gives him absolute focus :bangbang:


Bruce is another artist whose recordings are sometimes “difficult” to take in terms of quality.

Here, too, on the subject of his voice, the Variations shines.


With the following artists, the peculiarities, fragility and emotionality of the respective voices are wonderfully emphasized.

Without even appearing “artificially”.

Ira brings tears to my eyes every time :sob: :shushing_face:


Even the text on the announcement, in pink floyds „on the run“ is crystal clear and understandable without increasing the volume.

Not to mention the clearly perceptible “spinning” of the jet noise in and around the head at the beginning of the track.

Other earbuds only reproduce this sound from right to left and back again.


So far, with regard to the reproduction of voices and their attention to detail, the CA-MV10 were my favorites, due to the more coherent tonal overall tuning, I raise the Moondrop’s above the CA’s.

That sounds like a $ 1100 price difference, maybe exaggerated, but from my very personal point of view, and with my preferred music genres, that’s how I feel :man_shrugging:.


I cannot say whether this is due to the E-Stat drivers,

But these earphones "turned me on“ so much that I felt like adding another trybrid model soon, namely the:

Its 10mm beryllium-coated dynamic driver could, in my experience, add a little more “crispness” to the whole.


That’s it for now, enjoy the day with good music :musical_note: :metal:


Thanks for the impressions!

Do you have the Dusk by any chance?

(Sorry but you have som many IEMs that I can’t remember :wink: )


Unfortunately not, I would have to order these directly from Shenzhen Audio from China to Germany.

I haven’t had any good experiences with this at all :anguished:, which is why I only order ChiFi goods that I can purchase from Amazon (There you can only buy the normal Blessing 2) so that I am covered in an emergency.

By the way: I’m sorry about the soccer result last night :see_no_evil:


I keep travelling to northern Germany at the moment but the next time I go near Frankfurt, I will bring my Dusk to have an excuse to visit you :smiley:


Yes, thanks, I’m sorry about England last week also :wink:


Welcome at any time,


just send an email and we can fix the time and place :bangbang:

Let’s meet together with @MartinTransporter and call out a “European Summit” meeting :wink:


i still:




we are at the Baltic Sea on the island “Usedom” next week.

So if you are around, we could meet and cry together about how the EM 2020 went, so far. I see a few beers getting involved.

Though to be honest, it was no surprise how all went down. Löw lost his balls, to keep it short.

TRi audio released the i3 Pro. They have updated the dynamic driver and the shell is now smaller.

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Boo, just read RHA closing / closed down. Was waiting to see what the successor to the CL2 planar IEM would be.


Huh, that explains why I haven’t heard anything from them in a few years. I guess the pandemic was the straw that broke the camel’s back.