iFi audio - Micro iDSD Signature - Official Thread

Thanks! @Resolve! I figured that out eventually. Hence why I am back looking at them. But at the time, I hadn’t heard things I really liked. So XC got de-prioritized.

Understood on slam! Not in a rush to jump out and buy this. If I can, I will try and get a listen to both before deciding.

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The Celestee is up next on my full-sized to try list, if I happen to grab before you do them I’ll let you know what I think about the pairing with the Signature.


Let me know anyway! As, I tend to ignore what people tell me to do, I flat out ignored @Resolve’s advice and went LCD-XC (There was one left, I bought it, sales pressure doesn’t work on me…). I did that partly, because I liked his previous review of the XC better than his Celestee review. So, really, he can only blame himself. Right? :wink:

Seriously though, I also, really like the clarity of planars. My recent Euclid experience reminded me of that little fact. The Zen is very fast and clear, the Euclid was just a small step above the Zen. I went through Sundara->Quad Era-1->lcd-x->Arya->he6se v2 trying to find a planar with a bit more bass impact. The he6se was hands down my favorite. It’s just, the dusk and the Zen simply blew it out of the water in terms of enjoyment for me.

Gonna see if the lcd-xc can bring me back to planars. (Honestly, if it simply bests the Euclid, I’ll probably be happy.) Plus it’s mobile (low power)/isolation (closed) meaning I can use it in nearly every situation I currently use the Zen. Yay.

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@Resolve Sorry to bother you with one last query.

The lcd-xc is not sound isolating enough for my wife in the same room.

Will the celestee or any other closed back be any better?


hm… that may be due to a seal issue if you wear glasses. I can’t say that anything else would be significantly more isolating. Celestee may be a bit, but I haven’t done that comparison for isolation specifically.

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No glasses. Gonna halt the over ear headphone search for now.

That said, XC is the best over ear I have heard. I would take it over all the open backs I have heard. I need the sound isolation. So it doesn’t work for me.


Meanwhile, as a glasses is a necessary part of my daily life kind of person, I envy in jealousy! Lol!

I stopped wearing my glasses cause of covid. I do have them. But my eyes are good enough to not really need them.

Decided to grab a Signature based on feedback from this thread.

Wonderful, endgame pairing with the Andromeda 2020. Crazy how far transportable audio has gotten.


It really is pretty amazing. I wish they made a signature with a good bluetooth implementation that still uses the burr brown chips.

I would be one and done for amps. Only amp I would ever want or need. As it is, I use the qudelix and even wire that when I want wired.

The micro signature just beats all other amps I have tried otherwise. (a90/d90 stack, xduoo hybrid tubes, smsl whatevers). All of them. The only exception is if you need more power. And if you do, you have an he6se or susvara. and you probably are not considering something in this price range to power them anyway. :wink:


Funny, the Qudelix 5k is the only other non-iFi device I use on a daily basis (mainly for working out, and occasionally a drive) and love dearly. The little beast is scary considering how tiny it is and how much power it provides.

Yeah…the Signature is equally especially scary on Turbo mode in a transportable perspective.

Reminds me…I should try the Signature in my car one day rofl.

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I go so far as to limit my headphone purchases to ones that work well on the Qudelix. Damn near everything works well on the signature.

This policy has saved me from buying ZMF several times. It may do it a 3rd time with the new batch of stabilized in a few days.

Seriously though, ifi iDSD micro signature+ with bluetooth. That’s the dream. The only competing product I know of for that would be the centrance m8 v2. And I haven’t been sold on that for a number of reasons. xduoo xd-05 balanced isn’t entirely competitive, and I keep trying to buy that, but then get told stock isn’t actually available, so I cancel it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I could use some advice from the group. I’m setting up a second apartment for periodic travel to my kids/grandkids. I was thinking of getting the Micro iDSD Signature as a local DAC/amp for my ZMF Aeolus, which I’ll also leave at the apartment (and which I was otherwise thinking of selling - too many good choices at home). I’d feed the iFi via my iPad or iPhone which I’ll travel with, and perhaps occasionally my MacBook Air.

Top priorities are sound quality and ability to drive the ZMFs. Portability is nice but the appeal for this small apartment is a small size, not the ability to take on the road. I like that I could easily put this away in my nightstand when not using. Only downside is the need to remember to charge up the unit, since it’ll sometimes be weeks or more between visit.

Given these needs, how well would the Micro iDSD Signature do for me, particularly as compared with the Diablo (which has USB power) or NEO iDSD desktop?

I thought about something more permanent, like the Naim Unity Atom HE (which I have at home and love), but I can’t really justify a full, high-cost setup for what’ll be only occasional use.

Anyway, would love your thoughts - thanks!

diablo sounds the best. Both of them all more than enough power to drive any headphone

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I have the Verite Closed and Open. It will easily drive any ZMF.

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I bought the Diablo and can confirm it drives my Aeolus beautifully.

Thanks! I use mine with my VO and VC too.

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Diablo will drive just about anything short of a Susvara…

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