iFi Audio Zen DAC, Zen Blue & Hip-DAC Loaner Tour

Hey guys,

Outside of the Preview Program we’d like to get some loaner tours started for specific gear and wanted to get in interest check into that.

To start it off, we would be looking at doing the iFi Audio Zen DAC, iFi Audio Zen Blue & Hip-DAC starting in the US and working it’s way up to Canada.

Let me know if you’re interested and if we can get enough people in we can get the tour started!


I’d be interested in the Zen Dac and Hip Dac. :+1:t4:

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I’m interested in the hip DAC;)

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I’d be interested in these as well.

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I currently have the Hip Dac and I would definitely recommend it for headphones. It’s sadly not so good with sensitive IEMs, but you’re still getting a lot of value for the money :slight_smile:. Should at least participate in the tour to try it !


Not sure if I qualify, but I would certainly be Canadian keen.

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I’d be interested in the Hip-DAC

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Any chance you want to throw it across the Pacific or sling shot it to Australia ?

Would be interested in getting the Hip DAC and Zen DAC here in Los Angeles.