Interest Check: B-Stock ZMF Aeolus Camphor Burl LTD

Price: 1400
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

Hi friends,

As I’m moving, I have to downsize my collection and pick and choose what really matters to me most. I’m tossing up an interest check as I recently had the incredible opportunity to step up to the Rosson Audio RAD 0 and these have been getting very limited head time. Life requires me to sell these to the right person, but I would keep them otherwise.

They come with:

  • The Aeolus itself, which is defined as B-Stock because of a small nick on of its cups that is barely visible.
  • An original ZMF 4 Pin XLR cable
  • A custom copper OCC cable in 4.4mm
  • A ZMF green/grey cable in 2.5mm
  • Perf Suede pads which are currently installed, as well as the stock pads
    -The original hard case and leather pouches

The price reflects the package you are getting and the limited edition of this wood.

Please let me know if you have any questions and if you’re interested!


Would you consider overseas shipping?

Yes, I would, but it would be at your price and you’d have to cover it! I do have it pending, but feel free to reach out.

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Still Available?

If so I’d love to see some photos.


This sold a while back, thanks for asking!