Laconic Night Blues Mini, SPL Phonitor E

SPL phonitore e - a superb ss amp, little brother but not a junior by any means to the 2, X, and xe version.

Fully balanced with single ended inputs and outputs.

Purchased refurb from HiFiHeaven several months ago and managed to put 2 scratches on it.

No meters, limited Matrix functions whici I never used or needed. Very quiet and powerful.

Scratches top fron tight have been touched up 7.5/10

$850.00 shippped Conus

Laconic Night Blues MIni purchased new 120 volts, 9.5/10. This is the Massdrop ZDT Jr’s progenitor. Same mfr, comes with NOS GE5654W tubes and the original Russian tubes. This looks brand new and is a solid performer with no issues. I tried the pass thu outputs in the rear and they didn’t work for me but I had several amps, the passive and a SYS doing switching duties and may have missed a setting. Website says 2 inputs, labels don’t, so that may be why it didn’t work as pass thru.

I didn’t investigate because I had no need for it.

$300.00 shipped Conus

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