LSA HP-2 Ultra Discussion

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Yeah, that post is newer than my research, but it makes me even happier I got the hp-2.

They are probably talking about bass sonics and not impact. And, I don’t want or need anymore sonic bass elevation. That also would not surprise me about them. That may result in some harder bass impact, but it would be at a cost for me.

Second, fit matters on these. I bent in the frame to get a tighter fit and bass impact (and a bit of sonics) became more present.

I would love to hear all the models, but this definitely isn’t something I will worry about.

I started in the amir camp and have since left it. I like his work from a documenting testing perspective, but the only result I read now is the power output on amps.

Nothing replaces hearing things. I went the amir approved path and got boring sound. Not bad, just boring. Now I am itching to try r2r dacs based on how much I liked the poorer performing multi-bit stuff.

The measurement obsession literally drove the joy out of my experience. Once I let it go, wonderful sound started blossoming everywhere.

Again, I love what amir does, but I consider it primarily a validation of the numbers on the box.

Same thing happened with fr graphs for me. Slightly more useful, but I still don’t know if I will like it until I hear it. Drop 177x go is a great example of that. I didn’t like it, and ended up loving the ether cx. Entirely opposite of what the graphs would have indicated for my goals.

Most important thing is to hear it!

By the way, to me, this means IEMs not closed back. I have not had any closed back that is isolating enough not to bother my wife sitting in the same room.

Public listening in quiet places is an IEM thing in my opinion.

That is all.


I think the HP-2 is exactly what you are looking for. I had the JVC for a while and enjoyed the sound but fit was never super great for me so I ended up selling them. The HP-2 is easily more detailed (the most detailed headphone or IEM I have owned so far in my journey) and it also has the most natural timbre I have heard so far. Instruments and vocals feel so lifelike, clear, and textured with the right weight. I also think from my memory of the FDX1 that the tonal balance is similar. The HP-2 definitely doesn’t come off as overpowering bass to me. It’s very controlled and refined and shows up when called upon. I also think with the exceptional stage and feeling of openness for a closed back these would probably be my go to closed back for classical. I haven’t listened to a lot of classical music on them yet, I may do that today. :headphones:

I’ve gone through quite a few headphones and I feel like my search for closed backs has ended with the HP-2. I believe it is the one I have been chasing. To get another closed back that outperforms it with a sound I prefer, I think I would have to drop some serious stacks of cash.

It is a very efficient headphone and should get to a decent volume on most headphone jacks, however I would argue that it deserves a quality source to shine and show its potential. It’s a very good headphone and I think it reveals the benefits of quality sources. I’m currently driving mine off the Chord Mojo and it is a very pleasing listen. My plan is to purchase a desktop amp in the near future to see how the HP-2 responds to even higher quality power delivery, and then transition the Mojo to DAC duty as well as serving as my portable source.

I’m so glad I took the chance on the HP-2 based on the ears of several people I trust. It’s never going to get the marketing hype of the bigger name headphones, but I think it belongs in all the serious closed back headphone discussions.

edit: Forgot to mention that I use mine for the office. I’m not sitting right next to anybody, but if there is any level of ambient noise and you are sitting more than 4 or 5ft from somebody I don’t think you will be bothering anyone. And they block out ambient noise to a reasonable degree.


I have yet to meet a closed back that doesn’t bother my wife in the same room. Including these. But these are so good I asked her to deal with it.

Love them!

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Have you ventured to try any other sources with the HP-2 yet besides the Qudelix?

Not as of yet. I had eliminated all my other sources shortly before I got the hp-2.

I am working on picking something else out, but my m11 plus pre-order is trapped in the matrix somewhere and I haven’t decided on something else to replace it yet.

I am also considering a stellia or ZMF to see if the hp-2 can be beat.

But, in terms of value? I seriously doubt this combo can be unseated as the reigning king for me. Diminishing returns suck.

I would be very curious to see how the HP-2 stacks up against some higher end closed backs like the Stellia and the Verite. I haven’t seen many of those comparisons. If you’re looking to stay somewhat portable I’ve also heard that the iFi Diablo does an admirable job with the HP-2, but that would be about the same budget as your M11 and of course it’s just the DAC/amp without any transport for your music. I’ve heard they pair pretty well with some Questyle sources as well like the QP2R and the M12.

I had the micro signature. Twice. Just not at the same time as the hp-2. It is the best sounding amp I have heard so far (and only middle of the price range). I actually expect it would best the diablo for me based on comparison reviews between them. Barring needing the extra power of the diablo.

Nothing that big works for portable usage for me. The only dap that came close so far is the sony zx507. The other daps I tried had functional issues. The zx507 had power and battery issues. The m11 is possibly my last attempt. R6 2020 and n6ii are possible. But I am honestly not sold on a dap. I only stream and iphones/ios devices are all world’s better than everything else I have tried. I may just end up with an ipod touch as a media source and continue with the qudelix/other amp/dacs.

There is a thread where someone compares hp-2 to the verite on SBAF. The result is the choice between them would be preference. Shockingly close. But, yeah, not a lot of comparisons. William murdock just did a review of the verite open. He didn’t super directly compare them. But it’s a good watch no matter what.

Like I said, I’m hearing some good things about the Questyle M12 and I’m curious about some higher tier dongle DACs like the L&P W2. The HP-2 is interesting to experiment with because it’s not a super power hungry headphone, so you have a wide range of different sources that can provide ample volume, so it’s more about hunting quality over quantity. I’m enjoying the Mojo enough that I think my portable needs are solved. I’m pairing it with my Android phone with a big SD card transporting all my music. I just want to see what a desktop amp can do at this point so I’m probably going to pick up the RNHP. I’ve owned it once before and it was a wonderful amp. It doesn’t have as much power as some, but with something efficient like the HP-2 I think it will be a very solid match.

Yeah I like Murdock’s reviews a lot. I’ve seen his review of the HP-2 but not the Verite. I’ll have to check that out.

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Being on the iphone is a challenge for dongles. The iphone limits power output such that you can’t take full advantage of a dongle with good power. The w2 is one of these. It is the only reason I haven’t tried it yet. The w2 is otherwise exactly what I want. And I may still obtain it at some point. But since the qudelix has a smidge more power, and I drive it to its limit, I just don’t bother with dongles that have less power than the qudelix anymore.

On android I would jump on the w2 in a heartbeat. (Assuming I have dealt with android down sampling issues.)

Mojo continues to be on my list. I doubt you will match/beat that in a smaller package (but the w2 has the best shot, of ones I know of). Qudelix will have more features but will likely not meet sound preferences.

I honestly don’t expect huge improvements on the hp-2. My limited experience with all kinds of headphones has been that easier to drive headphones don’t scale much due to power. And it’s hard to differentiate because those dac/amps tend to also be better in other ways. Example: the dunu zen can tickle my ear drum when played loud on the micro signature. Is it the power? Or is it that it reaches deeper into the sub bass?

The journey really is part of the fun!

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I have now tried the schiit jotunheim 2. And I am going through it on that amps thread.

Short version: I can not tell the difference between the jot and qudelix in a/b testing with these. Which was a big surprise to me.

Just wanted to drop in here and say I had a chance to try the HP-2 and the Gjallarhorn OG side-by-side and they are definitely tuned differently. The Gjallarhorn has a much more warm, bass heavy sound which leans toward my preferences. I love them both honestly, probably my two favorite headphones so far and they each have their strengths, but I’ve ended up moving to the Gjallarhorn because I’m a sucker for warm, bass heavy signatures. They are now my go-to daily driver paired with the Mojo and the RNHP. I think these are going to be one of those sets I keep for life.


Yeah, I heard that about gjallarhorn. I suspect it crosses the line for me. The hp-2 is uncomfortably close to the “too much bass” invasion line on a few songs.

I want to hear the JM edition to see what a “neutral” version of this headphone is like. I suspect those two might be my two favorites.

Has been and continues to be my sole over ear daily driver.


Interesting review. These have just popped on my radar. I appreciate all your musical references, but unfortunately we do not share musical tastes.
But your review is another article telling me I should get these. :grin:

I am curious how they would compare with the Gjallarhorns, but I am not willing to put out Gjallarhorn money, so I guess the point is moot.

To the op/writer this was a fantastic written review; in fact one of the best “amateur” reviews I’ve seen. Thanks for the content!

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You are quite welcome!

@Mr_Makua owned both I believe. He may be able to give a run down. (I think he did in a comment above)