MHDT Dac Thread

I don’t see a lot of talk about these but they seem to be very popular, getting snatched up in days even hours after listed on the used market. My friend is letting me demo two of them, the Stockholm 2 and Atlantis. So far I’ve listened to the Atlantis and it is a very fun sound. Lots of warm and the sound is way different from any other dac I’ve listened to. Very colored sound. Definitely a fun dac to have as a side fling but not worthy of being the one with a ring on.

Has anyone listened to one? If you are going for a neutral uncolored sound that don’t look here. You will be disappointed at first but then maybe realize how awesome and fun it sounds and the analytical dream you were looking for sizzles away in a pot of nice home cooked mhdt food.


I have 2 audio systems in my home office. They’re about 5 ft apart. The main system has speakers + sub as well as headphones; the side system is headphone only.

The MHDT Labs Orchid has been my main system DAC for a couple years. I love the sound of it. My preference for years has been either multibit or (even better) NOS. The Orchid is my 3rd NOS DAC and easily the best.

The basic sound profile is slightly warm, spacious, enveloping, and very musical. The choice of tube for the buffer circuit has a significant effect on the sound. I’m on third new-old-stock tube and it’s the best of the bunch.

I’ve never been a fan of neutral, uncolored components. They don’t come close to matching what I hear from live performances.

I’ve a big fan of MHDT Labs and will go the distance with this DAC. As good as it sounds on a range of headphone and headphone amps, if anything it sounds even better on speakers + sub (that’s a sure sign of sonic quality in this system).