Modhouse Tungsten Measurements & Official Discussion

Wandla DAC + Galion TS120 + Zynsonix 8ohm adapter box


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About how many Tungstens have been made up to this point?


Replying to my own question if the A&S Mogwai SE good for the Tungsten.

I now have a Tungsten SS (waiting for the DS version to arrive) and I can confirm it does not drive it well. Volume is not the issue the problem is with the bass. Getting lots of distortion.

The Holo Bliss and Oor drive it and both sound great.

EDIT: Mogwai with KT88 and 5AR4 Tubes drives the Tunsgten much better.

My preferred amp is the Ferrum Oor.


I’m considering the Mogwai so good to know.

I may have a similar issue with my Cayin HA-1A MK2 driving my HE6se V2, so that doesn’t surprise me. Sometimes the sub-bass sounds a bit flatulent. It was worse until I upgraded the input tubes. I see that at least one person on Head-Fi thinks the Cayin drives the Tungsten sufficiently, but I have my doubts.

Since my Schiit Mjolnir 3 is also reportedly not able to drive the Tungsten sufficiently, I may not buy them myself. If I have to buy an expensive amp just for them, I might as well get a pair of estats and an energizer.

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You going to use the MJ3 with the DS or SS version? If your DAC can adjust the voltage, you might be ok. 6v from my DAC to the MJ3 drives them pretty good. Tho I may just get a susvara again since they’re a bit easier to drive.

I hadn’t decided but all of the reviewers I pay attention to reviewed the DD and the DD is the only one I’ve heard so far.

Yeah I read about increasing the input voltage as well. I don’t think the Bifrost 2/64 has that ability but I could put an active preamp in between, right?

Just wondering… Has anyone actually received a pair of Tungstens lately? I hear that a lot of people are waiting months and months. What’s the actual wait time?

Check out their website for most current info:

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I’m aware of their website but I am asking if that’s what people who ordered are actually experiencing.

Just received my DS. I was part of the first round of orders, took about 6 months. I expect later orders will turnaround faster as they gear up.

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Can someone who understands amp specs tell me if my current MOTU M6 can drive this okayish?

If not, what about the any of them RME ADI2s can do it, like maybe the Pro? I use a USB Audio Interface for other purposes and am not that interested in a pure headphone amp.

It’s hard with the Motu M6 because there aren’t really any actual published specs of the headphone power output, even on Motu’s own website.

From what I pulled from B&H, the M6 has a max output level of +12.5 dBu which would be 3.266 volts. However, that’s also not rated against any sort of impedance power spec so without an actual test of the output power, it’s hard to say what that number actually means.

But just based on the above, the M6 wouldn’t be able to deliver enough juice to the Tungsten. It is pretty common for the headphone amp outputs on interfaces to have middling output power.

I’m going to tag @GoldenSound here just in case everything I said above is hogwash and you can ignore me.

You’ll be thrashing it pretty hard (which rarely does things to improve performance) … and that’ll only get you to 96 dB/SPL, which means an average listening level of, at most, 76 dB/SBL if you want 20 dB for peaks.

So, I’d say, “no”, unless you listen at lower levels and/or to less dynamic music.

Likewise, the RME ADI-2 FAC fs, is going to be pushing its limits to hit a 100 dB/SPL peak, or 80 dB/SPL with 20 dB headroom.


For those looking for a pretty reasonable cost amp to drive their Tungsten, Schiit’s price reduction for the Ragnarok 2 at $1,000 could be pretty compelling, not to mention that it’s an integrated amp/all-in-one (if you wish) as well…

Link says Ragnarok 1, it’s for the 2…


I ordered a pair in late December… still waiting!

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